About Us


Holistic, Synergetic, Systemic.

Futurist, Humanist, Visionary.

Multidisciplinary, Nature Inspired.

Bridge between ancient nature inspired knowledge and civilizations and innovation in modern culture.


We are humanist non profit organization dedicated to research, technology innovation, education, consultancy and entrepreneurship.


Our novel know how, technology innovation, entrepreneurship and organizational models, are legacy of Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken scientific research, body of work. As a non profit organization we commit to continue the research started by him, develop new applications, promote and protect the core knowledge achieved since 1993.


We perceive the world we live in and listen to the aspirations of humanity.

Our focus is to explore life, and let nature inspire us with its holistic, systemic and synergetic skills for solution making.


We develop solutions (algorithms) for the advancement of the quality of living, capacity of wealth generation and sustainable global development.

Our focus is the human variable of the "Life, Future & Sustainable Living Equation".


We provide innovative services, products, technology, knowledge, experience and information that will be key for the advancement of an emerging global culture and civilization.

Our focus is on developing a futurist assessment of the current tendencies of global progress and development, identify risks, design and engage into strategic solutions.


Matrix-Quotient of intelligence is the signature of the current ability of solving challenges by approaching them from several perspectives simultaneously. Matrix-Q is a natural form of human intelligence, found in individuals, collectives and organizations.

Our know how helps you enhance the effectiveness of your team, management, organization & city.


Sciencie and Technology are reaching an advanced development stage. The knowledge available in our modern times, combined with innovative, creative and holistic perceptions, approaches, will bring humanity to its next stage of development. It is key for this journey to be aware of the importance on how we do the things we want to do, not only to know what we want to achieve. As how we achieve our goals creates our future.


Technology and Knowledge will advance the human global civilization. It is as well necessary to focus on the human factor. The ability of an individual, and of a human collective, to live in harmony with own life, with nature, family and culture is key for the development of a global culture in peace. Legacy is what we give to our children, starting with the knowledge and skills necessary to predict and solve the challenges we need to face, how to learn to learn, and how to communicate and collaborate. " - LDMF


Research & Innovation 33%

Consultancy & Education 33%

SDG Entrepreneurship 33%

Our focus vary according to season, every 3 months, between solstice and equinox, our projects and divisions complete milestones and apply new strategies.


  • We work local, share and collaborate global.
  • We create a new future for humanity.

The Stichting LDMF focus on legacy: research, know how, innovative technology, multiplicators training, start ups, global sustainable development entrepreneurship.

  • Research Leader,
  • Holistic Strategic Management Consultancy, Coaching & Training
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  • A multidisciplinary team of Dutch professionals.
  • Supervision and strategic support.
  • Would you like to support our organization in your field of expertise ? (contact us)
  • A multidisciplinary international pool of researchers and collaborators review our know how and create interdisciplinary bridges & innovative applications. Would you like to join our Multidisciplinary Research Team ?



  • 2018 the Stichting Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken closed an agreement of collaboration with Utrecht Inc. a Dutch start ups organization (Science Park Utrecht).
  • Business incubator UtrechtInc supports starting entrepreneurs and scientists in successfully setting up their business or spin-off.



  • Volunteers collaborate with the development of our projects daily. Follow up volunteer opportunities at our FB Page.
  • Interns commit to study our know how and apply it for daily life business. Take responsibility roles in our projects. Apply for an internship, scholarship or fellowship at the CXO Program.
  • We are grateful for their apprecition and collaboration.


  • Do you feel inspired by our work, research, projects?
  • Would you like to join a team of one of our start ups?
  • Would you like to learn our know how and help us bring it by online and world wide to organizations and communities that need it ?
  • Would you like to contribute with our research in your field of expertise ?
  • Would you like to participate in the development of our projecs ?
  • Do you share our vision and would like to support with leadership, executive experience as advisor or through a CXO role in our organization ?
  • Contact us and review the CXO Program for our new team members.the CXO Program, MQ9 Recruiting Program [ General terms and Conditions ]



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