Maldonado International Network

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Maldonado International Network


The Maldonado International Network Project started in the year 2013, as an initiative of Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, through the creation of a Facebook Page, and invitation to Maldonado family members from all over.


LUIS study its family since 2004 and developed a meditation technique dedicated to make it possible for himself to reconnect his own family roots and empower his family house.


Our page gathered representatives of family clusters from all around the world.


176 members of the Maldonado Family house will share, meet and research online on their common orignes, traits and traditions of their family house. Fore their surprise they realized it doesnt matter how far in time the Family House Tree node conects them, along the family time lines, the core traits keep being the same: what we like, dislike, talk about or will not talk about, how we make choices and in general some core preferences.


This experience make us a family, global family.


Several ideas came into place, what would be possible to cocreate together, an online school, and archive with ancestry information, a business network. Some of our family clusters developed more and more relationship with each other.


From Facebook, the Maldonado International Network expanded to Twitter, Vk, linkedIn, Internations, xing, upwork, Sunzu, e-mail networks, coachsurfing, the lifestyle travelers club, and private business or family circles, a network of about 5000 Maldonados and their families world wide.


The Maldonado Family House, comes from the House Aldana, from Spain, which was created by the King Theodor the Great, from the Goths, Lineage of the Amalien, Family House of the King Berig from Skandazza. The Nordic, Spanish, Italian, Celtic, Arabic, Slavic roots of the Family House have been registered and studied by its members for several generations, as well the change of their family name from Aldana to Maldonado and Mc Donalds and other variations of the name created according to local use.

Are you a member of the Family House Maldonado, Aldana, Mc Donalds, of the Amalien House?


We will be very glad to know you.