The Legacy Project

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The Legacy Project


Integrated to the core platform for the e-Game "The Game of the Gods and the Goddesses in prime self union"

The video on this page have been created in order to inspire lifestyle travelers that as Luis have been living on the road gathering wisdom and knowledge as global citizens.


But it is also a wonderful inspiration for all projects developed under the Legacy Project platform.


LUIS started the legacy project as a strategy developed with the purpose of sharing his know how, vision, with youth, futurists, entrepreneurs of our time.


Normally when innovation is suggested, in complex fields as for example perception, personal development, technology, business models, culture, peace; it may take several years even generations for culture, society, policy, legal structures, social agreements (perception) to change naturally.


The author may not experience alive, the results and impact of his work on society.


Instead of writting one single book, or developing the application of Prime Tech Theta for few companies, LUIS decided to create an archive, and prepare documents and the presentation and process of technology transfer thinking on future generations and the education of professionals specialized into technology transfer.


Within the settings and frame of a foundation, the legacy project would be able to complete, as an organization, the work, research, development and benefits that LUIS started through his companies and individual private research and investments.


Along 2011 and 2014, LUIS wrote several e-books and drafts on blog-sites, dedicated to inspire people through enquire (Germany, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland) A peace campaign with focus on love relationships and family, and non violence, was developed in 2015.(Russia, Finland).


Since 2016 the legacy project focus on an internship program, a Guild of partners and network members dedicated to invest into conscious efforts for the development of culture and civilizations, peace, progress, and e-learning platform that can reach more individuals world wide.


2016 is the year the Foundation, will be registered and start its activity in Eurasia and online.