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Each of our divisions and projects may provide non profit services, commercial and non commercial.

From education, coaching, consultancy, to start ups support (incubation), to scientific research, technology innovation, publications and master class presentations. [More...]






One of our main focus is scientific research, for purpose of innovation in technology and know how, development of disruptive applications necessary for the emerging global culture and civilization.

The Ɵ Foundation is a division of the Stichting Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken in charge of fundriaising, gathering of the resources and strategic management of wealth generation, needed for the achievement of our goals and development of our projects. [More...]





The Stichting Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken has a SDG Approach, integrates SDG (Sustainable Development Goals, United Nations, approach for global sustainable development, 17 goals to be achieved globally for 2030) in its entrepreneurial, innovation and research work. [More...]



Based own scientific research, novel know how and technology innovation, the Stichting Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken launches start ups, new business projects, that will at the right time become independent organizations, no profit or for profit, with an SDG DNA. [More...] [See Business Incubation Program & Licenses below]


  • Innovation.
  • Novel know how and technology.
  • Non Intrusive technology.
  • Disruptive Innovation.
  • A bridge between ancient cultures and civilizations holistoc know how and technology and the needs of an emerging global culture and civilization.
  • Care for family, culture, nature, sustainable development, peace, human rights, heritage, wealth generation, advanced quality of living, legacy.
  • We provide training and consultancy based on our research results, know how development and innovative technology.
  • It is necessary a profound and grounded education, on the knowledge and information background of the technology innovation and novel know how utilized.
  • The CXO Program offers to volunteers, interns, researchers, project managers and SDG entrepreneurs (work-study contract) an experiential gamified training program. Real projects and challenges, where to test their skills and capacity of application of the know how learned.
  • It is key for the business incubation program the training on necessary skills for the team members, in particular CXO & Start up roles. (CXO Program)
  • Thanks to the results of our research we develop solutions for key challenges the modern culture and civilization needs to face.
  • We would like these solutions to reach the market through entrepreneurial projects.
  • Every single business, or non profit organization to be grounded, is an opportunity for a set of individuals, to create/enhance sustainable living conditions for their families, location and future generations.
  • We provide licenses and labels on our know how for the start ups to enhance their effectiveness. [URL]


Start Up [URL]

Innovation Field

Phase [Status]

Matrix-Quotient 9 [URL]

Health, Work-Life Balance, Effectiveness, Leadership, Education

Recruiting, Marketing & Sales [Active 2018]

Prime Do Dojo [URL]

Sports, Health, Leadership, Education

Organization, Recruiting [Start up in 2019]

Matrix-Q A.I. [URL]

Artificial Intelligence

Organization, Recruiting [Start up in 2022]

Matrix-Q Games [URL]

Game Applications Development, Gamification, Education

Organization, Recruiting [Start up in 2022]

Matrix-Q Life Span [URL]


Development, Organization, Recruiting

[Start up in 2026]

Matrix-Q Business Consultancy [URL]

Strategic Management & Leadership, SDG

Organization, Recruiting

[Start up in 2020]

Matrix-Q Cocreation [URL]

Gender & Business Inclusiveness & Cocreation

Development, Organization, Recruiting [Start up in 2019]

Sun Dance Ɵ Ensemble [URL][URL]

Performing Arts Productions, Creativity, SDG2030

Organization, Recruiting

[Start up in 2022]


  • We have an humanist, futurist approach.
  • Our projects intent to empower an evolutionary transformation of humanity, its culture and civilization.
  • Our aim is to collaborate with the advancement of quality of living, & capacity of wealth generation.
  • We would like to collaborate with the sustainable development of the emerging global culture and civilization.


Thanks to our advisors for their expertise and vision.


"Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken (LDMF) ... a genius person with the nature based energy of other three people integrated and deployed. The combination of his Master's level work is groundbreaking and leads to new areas of integrated knowledge. These bodies of knowledge can be applied in both public and commercial organizations as to individuals...."

H v. Buijten [Advisor Leadership & Management]


"LDMF expertise is novel and useful to organizational development. The holistic approach that he has developed fits in well with the aim of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs, United Nations Goals for 2030)."

A. de Snoo [Advisor SDGs & Research]


"The holistic approach LDMF has developed will fit well across a wide range of organizations and situations, especially as it is strongiy linked to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's). lt provides ways to finding the right balance between achieving the different goals, taking into consideration of them being interdependent and the possible trade-offs."

P. Bolt [Advisor, Marketing & Sales]


I believe that it is a fascinating & groundbreaking program for Humankind, and secondly (...) I can help out other people in my expertise field. I believe that it provides students with an education technology, where they can find very innovative print and digital materials for their personal purposes.

J.J. Enriquez [Intern, CXO Program, SDG & Education]


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