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  • As a non profit organization, we have a board of members, by-laws, deed of incorporation available online at the Chamber of Commerce of The Netherlands under: KvK-nummer 66225345
  • Our seasonal and yearly decisions, reports and progress status updates are available through our projects time-lines, news-feed and by-laws site.
  • We are a democratic organization, that listen to the assembly of its members and collaborators.



We are humanist non profit organization dedicated to research, technology innovation, education, consultancy and entrepreneurship.



Matrix-Q is the ability of solving challenges by approaching them from several perspectives simultaneously. Matrix-Q is a natural form of human intelligence.


Our know how helps you enhance the effectiveness of your team, management, organization & city.


" Sciencie and Technology are reaching an advanced development stage. The knowledge available in our modern times, combined with innovative, creative and holistic perceptions, approaches, will bring humanity to its next stage of development. It is key for this journey to be aware of the importance on how we do the things we want to do, not only to know what we want to achieve. As how we achieve our goals creates our future.

  • Holistic.
  • Synergetic.
  • Systemic.
  • Multidisciplinary.
  • Humanist.
  • Futurist.
  • Visionary.
  • Nature Inspired.
  • Bridge between ancient and modern civilizations.

Technology and Knowledge will advance the human global civilization. It is as well necessary to focus on the human factor. The ability of an individual, and of a human collective, to live in harmony with own life, with nature, family and culture is key for the development of a global culture in peace. Legacy is what we give to our children, starting with the knowledge and skills necessary to predict and solve the challenges we need to face, how to learn to learn, and how to communicate and collaborate. " - LDMF






Research on Natural and Social Science.


Nature inspired, holistic, synergetic, systemic, futurist, humanist research.



Novel know how and technology.


Non Intrusive technology.


A bridge between ancient cultures and civilizations holistoc know how and technology and the needs of an emerging global culture and civilization.


Care for family, culture, nature, sustainable development, peace, human rights, heritage, wealth generation, advanced quality of living, legacy.


We provide training and consultancy based on our research results, know how development and innovative technology.







Training on 9+ levels of holistic strategic management, from team building and self-management, to project management, risk management, leadership and governance.


It is necessary a profound and grounded education, on the knowledge and information background of the technology innovation and novel know how utilized.


The CXO Program offers to volunteers, interns, researchers, project managers and SDG entrepreneurs (work-study contract) an experiential gamified training program. Real projects and challenges, where to test their skills and capacity of application of the know how learned.


It is key for the business incubation program the training on necessary skills for the team members, in particular CXO & Start up roles. (CXO Program)







Our business incubation program facilitates an organic development process, with an investment zeo strategy (or in collaboration with angel investors, crowdfunding resources or micro-credits).


Thanks to the results of our research we develop solutions for key challenges the modern culture and civilization needs to face.


We would like these solutions to reach the market through entrepreneurial projects.


Every single business, or non profit organization to be grounded, is an opportunity for a set of individuals, to create/enhance sustainable living conditions for their families, location and future generations.







SDG Entrepreneurship focus on solving global sustainable development issues through entrepreneurship.


We have an humanist, futurist approach.


Our projects intent to empower an evolutionary transformation of humanity, its culture and civilization.


Our aim is to collaborate with the advancement of quality of living, & capacity of wealth generation.


We would like to collaborate with the sustainable development of the emerging global culture and civilization.







  • We are an online organization.
  • We work local, share and collaborate global.
  • We create a new future for humanity.


The Stichting LDMF focus on legacy: research, know how, innovative technology, multiplicators training, start ups, global sustainable development entrepreneurship.


Research projects and services have been developed based on the body of work, research of our founder, Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken.


Research & Innovation : 33,3%

Consulting & Training: 33,3%

SDG Entrepreneurship: 33,3%


The Ɵ Foundation is the Legacy Project of Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, its founder, multidisciplinary researcher, creator and developer of PTT Know How and its multidisciplinary Applications. In the year 2016 Luis grounded the Stichting Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken in the Netherlands (The LDMF Foundation, The Ɵ Foundation). Its legal form is a non profit organization dedicated to scientific research, technology innovation, education and consultancy. The idea started between 2009 and 2011, Luis did decide to share his know how beyond the limits and restrictions of corporate contracts and share it with organizations world wide. In principle with scientific researchers and technology innovators, SDG Entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs, and holistic organizations, public and private sectors. The vision of Luis, is of a global culture and civilization in peace, capable to develop sustainably, by the application of holistic strategic management know how. Education is the main strategy for caring for family, culture, sustainable living conditions, peace, human rights, ethics, an stable economy,  a resilient economy, research and technology innovation advancements. The PTT Know how developed by Luis since 1987, have been brought along its development stages (1987-2017) to several individuals and organizations, through training programs, coaching and consultancy; publications and events. In 2012 Luis thought: "Our footprints on the road: one day because weather conditions or other travelers stepping on our traces on the road, the memory of our deeds, wisdom and knowledge would be forgotten, vanished like sand in the wind, but if we could reach few that would hold it, take care of it, and transfer it to new generations, then we would have an opportunity to leave a legacy for future generations". Luis expects that the LDMF Foundation, as a non profit organization, would become successful to care for the know how, and the continuous development of the ideas and solutions he has started and implemented along his life, and wishes for motivated and inspired collaborators in the journey. The LDMF Foundation should provide know how, structure and resources for implementation, create new job positions, companies, organizations and qualified professionals able to apply the know how responsibly. Between 2016 June 16 and 2017 December 27, Luis is completing a sabbatical  year dedicated to publication of his research work and organization of the start up of the LDMF Foundation. The LDMF Foundation plans to recruit scientific researchers, technology innovators, strategic management consultants, MBAs,  coaches, trainers, project managers, project developers, volunteers and interns,  for the purpose of continue multidisciplinary research, technology innovation, as well as to develop the 9+ Areas of work of the LDMF Foundation. A Multidisciplinary pool of scientific researchers and technology innovators will continue, collaborate  and advance Luis core know how and research projects, SDG Entrepreneurship projects, preventive intervention projects and technology innovations projects. New organizations (non profit) and companies, will be created based on this foundation work, and new job positions will be open.  Since 2016, Luis income of services provided in fields coaching, training, consultancy are fully given to the LDMF Foundation to support its development, he is dedicated personally to the organization and development of the LDMF Foundation, as Chairman and CEO, ad honorem. Luis wish is the LDMF Foundation to become a strong and grounded organization in the modern needs of know how and technology, and mostly focus on Sustainable Global Development (SDG 2030), but as well to participate in the process of development and advancement of an emerging global culture and civilization. Committed to this cause, he continues research and publications sponsored by the Ɵ Foundation. (More about Luis and the Ɵ Foundation)




  • Research Leader,
  • Holistic Strategic Management Consultancy, Coaching & Training
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  • A multidisciplinary team of Dutch professionals.
  • Supervision and strategic support.
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  • A multidisciplinary international pool of researchers and collaborators review our know how and create interdisciplinary bridges & innovative applications. Would you like to join our Research Team ?



  • Volunteers collaborate with the development of our projects daily. Follow up volunteer opportunities at our FB Page.
  • Interns commit to study our know how and apply it for daily life business. Take responsibility roles in our projects. Apply for an internship, scholarship or fellowship at the CXO Program.
  • We are grateful for their apprecition and collaboration.




  • Do you feel inspired by our work, research, projects?
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  • We are grateful for the support provided by our partners and sponsors.


  • The Stichting LDMF develops a network of organizations and professionals kin to implement holistic strategic management know how for their business.
  • Strategic partners and providers support us in our daily business process.
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Rhenen, The Netherlands


We are an online organization.


Events, meetings and interviews are organized at partners venues in main cities of The Netherlands.


Our main location for trainings, coaching and consultancy services and experiential gamified presentations is the city of Rhenen.


Please contact us for an appointment or digital(skype)/telf. interview.


We will answer you within 81 hours.

Tel: +31.626673380


Skype: luisdanielmaldonadofonken

Stichting LDMF

The Stichting LDMF (Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken), Is a not for profit organization registered in The Netherlands, dedicated to research, technology innovation, education and consultancy.



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