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Our Aims


The intention of the Ɵ Foundation is to collaborate with the achievement of SDG, as active partner, innovator, solution developer.


An internation SDG Program which includes: scientific research, know how development, technology innovation have been implemented by the Ɵ Foundation in 2017 September.


PTƟ SDG Solutions will be designed, developmed and implemented with the collaboration of participants in this program.


A Multidisciplinary Research Pool has been as well activated, for researchers that would like to collaborate with our work in the field SDG Know How and Solutions.


About the Game:


  • Players may join in any moment.
  • Choose the field or issue they wish to solve.
  • Learn how to utilize PTƟ Tools for Holistic Algorithms Design.
  • Research on the field, issue or challenge that will be solved through the algorithm.
  • Design an algorithm and present it for evaluation.
  • Prizes may include: a 100% Business Incubation Service for the start up of a business based on the algorithm designed. Gift certificates for services, products and money.

The Holistic Strategic Management Online Platform for SDG Entrepreneurs



Some of our start up projects ongoing:


  • The Academy (Self-Education)
  • Preventive Intervention Projects
  • Hormonal Changes along Natural Cycles and their Influences on Strategic Management & Self-Management
  • SIngle Parenting
  • Primordial Holistic Economy


The Academy  Project focus on knowledge and technology transfer, by providing online platforms and alternatives for self-education. The Academy suggests a gamified experiential learning method, learning by doing, by creating, by exploring, by entrepreneurship. The Academy follows an ancient modality of teaching through the study of nature laws, principles, cycles and rhythms; study of the human potential (human factor) and futurist study of technology and knowledge of ancient cultures and civilizations. Back to nature, with a visionary futurist and humanist perspective, the focus on the school is to bring by to its students a path towards self-management and self-knowledge.
The 09 Suns is a Project of the LDMF Foundation, on how human society, culture, civilization would change if the hormonal changes and their influence into individuals would be considered for strategic management, self-management and leadership.  In principle, the example that need to be reviewed is that of how the hormonal changes influence a love relationship along a menstrual cycle.  As well, the impact that those changes creates in the field of communication, collaboration, decision making, perception (risk Management, strategic management) in both, individually and together, male and female, men and women.  09 Fields in which human performance needs to be advanced, and risk (strategic management) considered:  individual self-management team of 2+ collaboration family, team of 3+ community, organization location, culture, network 3+ locations, travel multicultural, multilocation management global strategic management global sustainable development, culture development and civilization advancement The e-book: The 3 Suns, The Sun, The Moon & The Heart, on The Primordial Art of Cocreation, will review these radical perspective on human behavior and a futurist insight on how and why the hormonal influences and nature cycles, including the menstrual cycle, create a natural empowering force, supports individuals in the advancement of own skills, development of Matrix-Q Intelligence and  provides a frame for the development of a global culture and civilization in peace
The Academy  Project focus on knowledge and technology transfer, by providing online platforms and alternatives for self-education. The Academy suggests a gamified experiential learning method, learning by doing, by creating, by exploring, by entrepreneurship. The Academy follows an ancient modality of teaching through the study of nature laws, principles, cycles and rhythms; study of the human potential (human factor) and futurist study of technology and knowledge of ancient cultures and civilizations. Back to nature, with a visionary futurist and humanist perspective, the focus on the school is to bring by to its students a path towards self-management and self-knowledge.
Letter by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, Chairman of the LDMF Foundation, Coach and Trainer. On The Single Parenting Project of the LDMF Foundation, the cycle of Online Conferences and the Meetups/Group Coaching in Rhenen Along my journeys, since 1996, i have met wonderful people, sensitive to life, with creative inspiring ideas, dreams and values. most of them parents. I have also experienced that single parents the most, have uncompleted dreams and wish for an opportunity, support, to accomplish them. The love they have for their children, bring them to face complex challenges, within their own hearts, in their social life, personal development, professional development or generation of wealth, achievement, realization of their dreams, and happiness. I am aware that individuals that are single and have no children may have difficulties understanding the sensitive nature of this project. But i am certain single parents, and couples-parents in general will do. The feeling of completion of dreams, self-realization of an individual is extremely important for our society. In particular when parents achieve their own dreams, children learn with them, all that is in their own spirit, necessary to bring, in order to make their dreams true, or to achieve their goals. The main intention of this project, is to inspire single parents, to tell them, we are empathic to their situation, and would like to support them, by first sharing a word of understanding, but as well creating alternatives for them, to work on. The Parenting Theta project is result of several years of experience, as coach, trainer, friend, traveler, volunteer and love partner in the field of relationship with single parents. My wish is to see their hearts smiling, filled with light and joy, as they have every day taken one more step towards the realization of their dreams, and have experienced the satisfaction of completion of milestones in their own development. I predict that this project will be a first voice in a choir of sensitive volunteers, coaches, trainers, social workers, social entrepreneurs, that have a vision of future, understanding of the nature of happiness, the importance of selfrealization, and the clarity on the importance of the role of parenting, the impact of parents presence and life, leaved in the hearts, perception and spirit of children. Yes, this project is dedicated to single parents, but actually is for their children, with happy parents, we will create the necessary conditions for children to evolve as global citizens able to reach themselves their own happiness. Parents are the best and most important direct example, model and teacher, for life. May this project, be of benefit for future generations and our legacy for a new global culture and civilizations. Thanks for your appreciation, interest, collaboration and support   Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken Chairman, CEO,  The LDMF Foundation
Primordial Economy Economy: (From Greek οίκος – “household” and νęμoμαι – “manage”) Holistic Economy:  (from Greek ὅλος holos “all, whole, entire”) economy. Primordial Economy: The Natural, original economy. In this site the Ɵ Foundation will discuss on economy, and suggest alternatives for a global holistic and sustainable economy.  QUOTE: “A given economy is the result of a set of processes that involves its culture, values, education, technological evolution, history, social organization, political structure and legal systems, as well as its geography, natural resource endowment, and ecology, as main factors. These factors give context, content, and set the conditions and parameters in which an economy functions. In other words, the economic domain is a social domain of human practices and transactions. It does not stand alone.” wiki.  A mainstream understanding of economy suggests that in order to understand and design economy, one should as well know the holistic frame in which economy needs to be implemented. How successful we may become into the assessment of the complex matrix of economy, and simple in the design of an algorithm for economy, the better.  Nature is complex and simple at the same time. Life is. So is the economy of life.  In the following publication a the household management of a non profit organization has been suggested.  An economy with 9 coins, one coin for a particular class of phenomena, from a set of 9 classes in which human, natural and artificial phenomena can be organized, managed, perceived. (Holistic Economy)  The author suggests that by implementing 9 parallel economy the real potential of the primordial natural economy of life will be unlocked.  In this website a discussion will follow on a simplified application of the 9 economies, through 3 foundation economies, in two modalities. (Primordial Economy)  As well will be discussed how a new algorithm for social management (an upgrade of democracy) would be extremely important for the achievement of a new global economy.




Focus: " Business is anything that keep us busy. A non profit or for profit business, may focus on wealth generation, in the advancement of quality of living or in sustainable development. What kind of issue, challenge or need would you like to solve with your business? and how would you like to do business ? "


The Business Incubation program provides a frame that supports the sustainable development process of a business, from the business idea to the design of a business plan, organization, research, implementation, marketing, sales, quality control and innovation.


The business incubation program includes the implementation of settings for the whole business process, documentation, ICT, communication and collaboration, strategic management.


Coaching, training, and consultancy for the use of holistic strategic management tools, operational guidelines, organic sustainable development, risk management, resources management, leadership, self-management, investment zero and other capital and investment strategies are also provided.

Our customers may choose any or both of the following alternatives:

1.) You bring your own business idea, receive a complete support (*).


(*) After an assessment of your business, we may suggest you to receive a 100% complete support program, or receive a service with focus on complementary training, coaching or consultancy.

2.) You would like to joint venture with the Ɵ Foundation Incubation Projects (Based on our research work, technology innovation, know how development, we start up new for profit and not for profit business and services, for example: It means to contribute financially, or through your expertise, knowledge or wealth generation assets.


These projects may be dedicated to


  • Technology innovation, SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) Entrepreneurship, Social Entrepreneurship, Preventive Intervention
  • Promotion of PTƟ Know How, offer of PTƟ Based Services.
  • Any of the 18+ Business Incubation Projects of the LDMF Foundation (FIELDS: Artificial Intelligence, Neuroscience, DNA Studies, Human Potential, Cybersecurity, Defense, Holistic Strategic Management, Life Span, Engineering, Energy, Geo-Location Assessment, Scientific Research Methods, Self-Management, Gamification, Burnout Prevention, Travel & Leisure, Publications, Education, Consultancy)

PTƟ Holistic Strategic Management Tools


The PTƟ Standard offers a systemic set of principles and guidelines for the application of the PTƟ Know How.

PTƟ is the know how body of work developed and applied by the Ɵ Foundation.

There are several applications of PTƟ that now the Ɵ Foundation is exploring at its Research Work.

In particular PTƟ Tools applied for Holistic Strategic Management. (Body of work of Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, founder of the Stichting Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, The Netherlands)

  • The Consultancy, Coaching and Training services provided by the Ɵ Foundation.
  • The CXO Program offers a complete training in 9+ levels of skills, leadership and risk management on PTƟ Know How for Holistic Strategic Management, from self-management and project management, to leadership, strategic management and governance. The Training is available online, at location the Netherlands and blended Abroad Traveling.
  • The Ɵ Foundation offers PTƟ Certification and PTƟ Licenses for trainers, coaches and consultants that would like to use, promote, and provide services by utilizing our know how. Our licenses are also provided for researchers in fields natural, social science and technology innovation, for educators and leaders (SDG 2030 Entrepreneurs).
  • The evaluation of candidates to licenses and certificates follows our policy on "Right of Responsible Use".
  • The assessment service offers a complete review of the status a business, or project, and help our customers achieve a matrix-view and understanding of their own business, challenges, opportunities and strengths.
  • Our e-affiliates program (assessment services) helps our network to collaborate with us, by promoting our services and earning an important commision.




An algorithm is a sequence os steps necessary to take in order to solve a challenge. The Primordial algorithms game ask players to utilize PTƟ Tools for Holistic Algorithms design, and compete with their solutions of unique prizes.


  • How to design solutions that are nature inspired, holistic, synergetic, systemic, humanist, futurist, visionary ?
  • How to integrate in our solutions Matrix-Q intelligence?
  • How to design non intrusive technology ?
  • Does the use of the solutions we design collaborate with the establishement of peace, human rights, care for family, culture, nature, sustainable living, heritage, wealth generation, quality of living, legacy ?
  • How many paths can we take to design a solution, a business ?

How to join?


Visit the Primordial Algorithms Site or contact us for more details.


Participation Fees:


Players may:


  • Pay for learning and playing.
  • Ask for sponsors (After presenting the field of issue they wish to solve)
  • Ask for scholarships, fellowships or grant for the research and design of their algorithm.
  • Join the gamified research program, receive points for contributions, collaboration and gain gift certificates for the training programs and support necessary for the game.



Focus: "The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), officially known as Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is a set of 17 "Global Goals" with 169 targets between them. Spearheaded by the United Nations through a deliberative process involving its 193 Member States, as well as global civil society, the goals are contained in paragraph 54 United Nations Resolution A/RES/70/1 of 25 September 2015 (Resolution adopted by the UN General Assembly on 25 September 2015: Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development):


The Ɵ Foundation through application of PTƟ Tools did a first assessment of the holistic components of the SDG. This is the first step necessary for the development of innovation solutions in the SDG Fields based on the know how developed by the Matrix-Q Research Institute.


Know more about PTT SDG 2030, the PTT first assessment of the SDG 2030 and the LDMF Foundation Strategy for the achievement of the SDG. The PTT Project for SDG Entrepreneurs (e-learning, knowledge transfer online) and the differences between holistic and systemic strategic management. Our New book on SDG 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities.

SDG Entrepreneur


Is an individual or team that wishes to start up a for profit or not for profit project with focus SDG 2030.


SDG Business Incubation Program


Provides the same service as our business incubation program described above but with additional services with focus SDG.


SDG Beneficiary


An organization, community, network, family or individual that according to our assessment is eligible to be a beneficiary (special conditions, for compensation of our services).

How to Apply?: Contact us for more information.



  • Present your SDG Idea, Project. Ask for a PTƟ Assessment. After evaluation we will suggest a series of services suitable for your project.



  • Join Venture the SDG Entrepreneurship Projects of our organization (FIELDS: Family, single parenting, human rights, governance, social management, wealth generation, education, peace, preventive health, quality of living, energy, business incubation templates)

Beneficiaries Program - Preventive Intervention:


The Beneficiaries Program of the Ɵ Foundation offers special conditions to elegible organizations and individuals that wish to learn our know how, collaborate and participate in research or business incubation programs or consume our services.


The Stichting LDMF (Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken), Is a not for profit organization registered in The Netherlands, dedicated to research, technology innovation, education and consultancy.



Legal Register:


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We are an online organization.


Events, meetings and interviews are organized at partners venues in main cities of The Netherlands.


Our main location for trainings, coaching and consultancy services and experiential gamified presentations is the city of Rhenen.


Please contact us for an appointment or digital(skype)/telf. interview.


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