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The Primordial Art of Prediction - Futurism Theta

& Strategic Management

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Services Provided


  • Assessment, evaluation of the current condition, challenges being faced or that will be faced, patterns and tendencies of perception and behavior and their influence in the performance, identification of risks.
  • Goals setting, strategy design, decision making limitations, strategic risk management.
  • Identification of solutions necessary for the management of the process and risks: from learning to learn abilities, to enhancement of perception, sensitivity, learning of methods or practices, development of skills, learning of new technologies, knowledge, information and others.)
  • Provide training according to case, if available and necessary.
  • Design of milestones, follow up process, provide counseling, advice, mentoring and support for the whole process necessary to reach the goals and achieve success.
  • Reports on progress, review of previous assessment sessions, description of stages of development based on a graphic generated through vector math.


The Service is provided for:


  • Personal development / Life Plan
  • Family Care / Projects
  • Community Building / Development
  • Professional development / Self-employment.
  • Business development / Business Management / Strategic Leadership
  • Culture & Location Management.
  • Corporate
  • Governance


Service Details:


  • According to the level of complexity, tools and assessment will be utilized.
  • Coaching sessions are of a length of 3 hours, at least, and suggested are 5 up to 9 sessions.
  • 1 full day coaching session provides a direct and immediate solution (intervention) for own needs achievement


Booking Alternatives


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The Coach & The Service


Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken has more than 20 years experience in the field of counseling, training on personal development and self-knowledge. Business Consultant & Coach since 2002.


The tools he utilizes utilize laws, principles, cycles and rhythms of nature. The idea behind his coaching services is that while collaborating with current natural forces, the strategy, resources and efforts applied for achieving a goal become more direct, and simple. Help nature do its work: care for life!


The focus of the coaching process is on goals achieving, while the strategies suggested apply natural complexity and simplicity ( nature is complex and simple at the same time, there for more efficient, sustainable and resilient)


The Analysis focus on the multidimensional nature of the individual and life, and on the skills necessary for the perception of the condition, circumstance, strategy, decision making and accomplishment.


In his own words: " Sensitivity is easy to develop or natural, even perception can be by will enhanced. But the ability to change and utilize all multidimensional resources of own self at will at any particular given circumstance, speed or conditions, need to be trained".


The Process of analysis, assessment, information, training and coaching will itself as a result bring by new skills to the customer, expand consciousness, enhance awareness, self-knowledge, and advance personal development, enhance perception.


The application of assessment tools and methods, itself provides a training and results in the enhancement of own perception, behavior, decision making, performance.


Luis suggests: "The objective management of own subjective reality is key for the purpose of mastering own self, and own life. "


The idea that life is a unique experience for each individual, and conditions and challenges vary from one to one, so as resources and skills available. While the circumstances and individual conditions may vary, from customer to customer, from person to person, the journey of the individual, of the family, of the organization or collective associated, of the culture and the human species is in reality the same.


And where ever one would like to go or what ever one would like to achieve along that journey, the origin and destiny are the same, the primordial source of all that is have been and will be within own heart.


Luis provides an holistic support, where self-care, health, anti aging, happiness are necessary for the journey. The health of the individual is as important as the health of the organization, network, culture or civilization one lives in. Health in terms of the probable length of life that the current decisions made, strategies and practices will create.


There for the coaching process focus as well on achieving longevity, life sustainability conditions, and development of strategies that are focus on self-care, self-love and love, for own life, family, culture, species.