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Fundraising Projects


  • As a not for profit organization, the development of research projects and innovation technology ventures, is feasible only when the funds necessary for the projects development is available.
  • Thanks to volunteer work of researchers and team members, in particular of LUis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, the current projects of the LDMF Foundation have reached advanced milestones.
  • The Financial means necessary are obtained through fundrising, services, donations, investments, funding auctions..
  • The following Fundarising Projects:


  • Education Programs, Innovation in Education methods. Promotion and advancement of internship, volunteer programs.
  • Primordial Technology Theta Standard - Promotion and integration of the know how (PTT), User Certificate & License.
  • Technology Innovation, Research
  • Technology Innovation Joint Venture, Start Ups
  • Futurist Studies, Technology Innovation, Know How development
  • Research in field: Self-management, Leadership, Strategic Management, Governance.
  • Research Artificial Intelligence
  • Research Human Potential, Human Genome
  • Research Longevity, Antiaging, lifespan
  • Research Ancient Cultures
  • Research Primordial Mathematics
  • Biohacking, Technology Innovation
  • Research Gamification
  • Research, design & development of strategic solutions in fields: Human rights, peace, ethics, economy
  • Research, design & development of strategic solutions in fields:Family care, culture protection, heritage
  • Research, Innovation in field: Network Development: Golden Guild Theta
  • Research in field: Change Management, Case Study : LDMF Foundation Development
  • Publications
  • Multidisciplinary Archaeology Expeditions



How to do a donation?


Just contact us, choose the project, field of work or publication you would like to collaborate with. Let us guide you on the next steps or give a donation directly to the following bank account.


Your collaboration is welcome.


Donations to our bank Account:

Bank: ING Netherlands

Bank Account Name: Stichting Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

Bank Account nr / IBAN: NL95 INGB 0007 4257 94

For Additional Payment Gateways please contact us for more details.

Contact us:



skype: luisdanielmaldonadofonken

Tel.: +31.626673380


(*) We will answer you within 81 hours.

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