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How can you join us ?

  • The LDMF Foundation offers you an innovative humanist working environment, a career plan of 9 levels, and a gamified permanent training program.
  • From office assistant, to team member dedicated to the development of a project, or project manager, your role and function will make it possible our projects to reach the right beneficiaries with the best of our resources and know how.
  • Your customer care oriented communication and collaboration ability combined with your entrepreneurial skills, will bring our projects to the level of performance wished.
  • The LDMF Foundation focus on legacy, starting with you; every step you complete in your own professional development, the better for our projects to evolve and bring their benefits to future generations.
  • Our know how fascinates you and you are ready to bring your creative heart and mind, your ability to enquire and desire of brining together science, objective and subjective knowledge of yourself, and laws, principles, cycles and rhythms of nature.
  • You wish for a job position in an organization dedicated to peace, where human rights are respected, and non violence is the starting point for communication and collaboration; and organization that is dedicated to the advancement of a global culture and civilization.
  • You find it inspiring for your philanthropic heart to work for a not for profit organization, while you are grounded enough to find fun and adventure in the process of generating with us the necessary resources for the organization to run, and evolve; making naturally comfortable to provide a well paid service to our customers, care for our beneficiaries and volunteers, and start up new innovative business projects, that would create jobs and empower local economies.


The LDMF Foundation 2016.Dec.


The LDMF Foundation through the last 5 months start up reached a new milestone. Organization and production stages are 90% and we must start with recruiting.



  • We need 9 Project Managers for the LDMF Foundation main projects, as well 9 team members for each project area.
  • 81 job positions will be open along 2017 according to our needs.
  • Some of the job positions will ask for a 100% dedication, others just for a " on call " responsibility.
  • From office assistant, to team member dedicated to the development of a project, or project manager, to marketing, recruiting, fundraiser or start ups coach. We have for each area of projects very unique job roles and responsibilities designed.



  • The job application is in general for : A job position at the LDMF Foundation.
  • The roles will vary, according to the results of the evaluation process, your skills and interests.
  • Job positions are assigned to candidates through a gamified evaluation process in which candidates receive points, tasks, challenges, responsibilities and show their abilities for more complex task, greater responsibility and higher compensation or benefits.
  • There are at least 9 fields of responsibilities that will be made available for candidates, that if eligible, will be welcome to care for, for a temporary or long term engagement. The responsibilities will be assigned, all or some of them, to the candidates that qualify for an area of projects and demonstrate have the skills and engagement to care for it. It means one may have more than one of the following responsibilities.
  1. Project Manager
  2. Office assistant
  3. Marketing, Sales
  4. Fundraising
  5. Volunteers Manager
  6. Internship Coordinator
  7. Project Developer, Production
  8. ICT,
  9. Know How Development, Technology Innovation



  • As well, according to projects, a set of wonderful services will be provided by qualified trainers, coaches, consultants, specialized in Prime Tech Theta and the know how and content of training programs provided by the LDMF Foundation.
  • There for all candidates to job positions will join the Internship Program, and complete certificates necessary for the roles that will be given and the learn on the content and knowledge foundation of the areas of projects of the LDMF Foundation.



  • There are at the moment only 9 paths you may take, in order to qualify for a job position at the LDMF Foundation. Choose one, and (Very important) inform us always you would like to work with us! (Notice we run a gamified recruiting process, every task, information, will give you +/- points, by informing us of your intention we will correctly assess you and design a process for the purpose of your professional development and integration in our organization.


Visit the urls below for more details:


  • 1. Volunteer, get to know us, let us know you. Temporary commitment, few tasks and hours per month. Ideal if you have time and no rush for a training program or job position.
  • 2. Focus and intention: Internship Program. You wish to learn our know how, and apply it, as member of our team and key collaborator for the development of our projects.
  • 3. Apply for a Scholarship. The scholarship program combines both volunteer and internship, into a training program dedicated to build up skills in the scholarship beneficiaries. As well is a complete path for 9 levels of certification and qualifications necessary for a high level job positions at the LDMF Foundation.
  • 4. Job application. Let us evaluate you through a challenge, show us your skills.
  • 5. Join the LDMF Foundation Assembly. Collaborate through your opinion and suggestions. Let us know you through voluntary participation in our decision making process. By joining the assembly you are welcome to suggest projects, strategies and impress us with your vision and skills. (RED DOCUMENTS on membership at the LDMF Foundation: )
  • 6. Join the Golden Guild Theta, as independent professional, let us do an assessment of your skills and business, and support the development of our network. We are certain if you have something to offer and our network need it, our inner economy system will bring you to present and suggest your services to all of us.
  • 7. Take a training program as a customer or beneficiary. Let us know you, through your skills and motivation, we will assess your capacity and potential positive impact in our organization.
  • 8. Take coaching sessions. Let us support you along your development process. Show vulnerability and honesty. We will correctly identify the fields you may need support and design with you a development process, and the ideal tasks for you to collaborate with us.
  • 9. Create something we need and are interested in. Take the initiative and complete a project that suit our needs, values, culture and interest. We enjoy much entrepreneurial people with initiative, self-motivation, self-organization and self-management skills.



  • You may work online, at our location, at/from your own location or abroad traveling.
  • Working shifts from 3 hours per day up to 6 hours per day.
  • Online team collaboration platform. You may like to work from home or while abroad.
  • Contracts according to your level of commitment and capacity.
  • More than one alternative to generate income, from fixed wages, as compensation, to % commissions, hour based or project based wages.
  • Permanent Training.
  • Career opportunities.
  • By the completion of the internship programs you will enjoy from additional certificates as trainer, coach, project manager and consultant.
  • Opportunities to start up offices and representations of our organization abroad.
  • Opportunities to engage into the development of start ups of for profit and not for profit organizations, dedicated to promote or provide innovative technology and know how services and products.




Will vary according to case, if eligible, candidates to employees may be invited to commit to (please see internship programs PDF for details):

  • Fixed wages
  • % Commissions
  • Hour based wages
  • Project based wages
  • Unit based wages

Amounts to be paid may vary according to project, area of projects.


Our wish is that candidates qualify for full time jobs of 5000.00 EUR or more per month.


For more details you need to star an application and qualify up to a private information session on contract details.


It is important that candidate notice that some jobs may be only "on call" hour, project or unit based for about 3-9 units per week or month. In those cases the job positions will be of temporary nature and ideal as a second part time job alternative.

If you wish for a second part time job, we will have several alternatives for you.

If you wish for a full time job, you will need to climb the mountain and qualify through our recruiting and training program to it.



APPLICATION ENDS: As soon as we complete our team, for all areas and projects.

JOB Starts: As soon as we find the ideal candidate with ideal qualifications. We have several projects waiting for the right team.

JOB Ends: According to contract, when a project ends. Notice we always design for every project new stages of development. If the project is alive, the job positions will as well.




Choose one of the 9 paths describe above, as for evaluation of your skills, and as well integration process, into our organization.

Send us a letter with the intention of application describing why you would like to work for our organization to:

Wait for our answer. It may take from 9 to 45 days. You will receive the necessary instructions for the next stages of evaluation.


Here some details about


The LDMF Foundation.

The LDMF Foundation is a not for profit organization, with legal register in the Netherlands, dedicated to 3 fields of work: Research (Innovation Technology), Business, Peace & Human Rights. In the Research field we focus on biohacking, study of principles, laws, rhythms and cycles of nature for the development of new technologies; A.I. Human Potential Studies, Human Genome, Longevity & Ancient Cultures; in the field of business we provide Business Consultancy, Futurism, Coaching & Training services, as well an incubation program for start ups; Our i am is to design strategies & technology for the development of an advanced global culture & civilization in peace, where human rights are observed, non violence and ethics are practiced, family, life sustainability and heritage are priority.


RSIN: 856450923 KvK-nummer 66225345 SBI-code: 94996 - Overige ideële organisaties Research, innovation, technology en consultancy Address: Groenekanseweg 246 A, 3737AL Groenekan, Utrecht Region, The Netherlands

Documents on Membership, Affiliation, Economy, 9 Paths for becoming a beneficiary, and Urls to Fundraising campaigns, research, publications, services, projects, internship and volunteer programs.



Fundraising campaign on human rights, non violence, and peace.


Fundraising campaign on a watch for an alternative time structure based on 9 nature principles synergy.


Promoting 3 assessment tools, now on a promotional stage, every one is welcome to ask for 45 min free online assessment.

a.) Cocreation, male-female cycle, rhythms, to empower love relationships and women, on the women and men cycle

b.) I Ching Theta, prediction, reading, on own life journey

c.) 9 Elements assessment tool for own life projects, integrating nature principles synergy for business management


As well we have now an e-library with more than 120 publications, 2700 pages for free online reading on wonderful e-books. As well a series of videos dedicated to self-coaching.


Coaching and consultancy services for start ups and a network portal for projects, professionals, and communities.


A unique research project on gamification, and primordial archetypes, that brings together ancient cultures of whole eurasia in one single system of knowledge.


Few travel destinations dedicated to spiritual archeology.


A wonderful internship and volunteer program


And a very innovative platform online for network and collaboration:


and many projects to come in close future.


Research projects


Business Incubation



and more you may find in our website.