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  • Luis provides training since 1987.
  • In 2010 LUIS grounded the a company in Germany dedicated to provide schooling on Elements Management, a previouse stage of development of the current label Prime Tech Theta (know how research) While the school had few students it closes in 2011 as for a visa/resident issue, after LUIS divorce in Germany. (Time Line)
  • Prime Tech authorized students must complete successfully an internship program and be eligible as trainers, coaches or consultants.
  • The Prime Tech Internship Training Program can be since 2016 provided online, internationally. The INternship Program started in January 2016 and we wish our first interns to be ready soon for the assessment, score card evaluation and rank.
  • As soon as the first authorized trainers are ready we will publishe their names here.
  • Why is necessary to be authorized? The authorized trainers have completed in theory, praxis and application a 100% assisted training program, under direct supervision of LUIS Daniel Maldonado Fonken. THe training inlcudes Prime Tech Theta, all its applications, or specialization, in the fields of self-knowledge, personal development and business; as well as methodology, training for entrepreneurs, business project or business management assistants, which will mean our trainers have full capacity and experience to provide the essential principles, methods, tools and trainings as designed by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken.
  • Our trainers also meet every year at least once for an update and join a continuous e-learning program for their development, receive direct mentoring and coaching from Luis Danie Maldonado Fonken
  • The Internship program offers 9+ levels of development. The first of those are dedicated first to self-education, self-responsibility, self-mastery. The ability to take responsibility of own self. In following levels the candidates to coaches, trainers, or consultants will learn on methods and skills for teaching, as well as to find out their true capacity and limits, by applying the knowledge reached. With this second stage, we can ensure the trainers know what to they do out of experience. Each trainer should be expression of own teaching. Methodology and experience must develop wisdom and bring the candidate to trainer to knowledge and self-knowledge. The next level is dedicated to the ability to teach trainers. One can teach customers for customers own benefit or teach candidates to trainers. The following levels of development involve the ability to teach trainers of trainers and care for the organization of a school, development of a method, caretake of knowledge and heritage. In that sense, authorized trainers are those that have completed at least a minimum necessary level of their development plus technical skills of the methods thought plus enough experience in the use of a teaching method. Some times a trainer could be ready very quick for one single technique. But not for the whole system. Here one finds another important information, a stage of development that ensures the trainers can teach the whole system is the main goal of the internship program.
  • All interns are not authorized to teach, nor to bring by methods, nor use the practices or methods for giving training. Students are only authorized to apply the methods for themselves alone. The purpose of this rule is students to learn the effect of the methods application in their own life, based on their own values and consciousness. Then take responsibility on their own abilities and the consequences of their self-education as a reference, experience to know, what they could provable provocate on others if they teach. Only if authprized, and after an assessment and rank will be authorized to bring those methods by to their love partners or family. A next level of authorization would be to assist in trainings, to already authorized trainers.
  • One must first know the teaching and what is intented to be thought, before teaching it. One must know first own self within the teaching and become capable to pay respect to the teachers, their tradition, their lineage, the teaching itself before thinking about teaching it to others.


  • "There are different kind of students: The bambu pipe that brings water from one place to the other. The water fountain that source water and share it. The full vase not capable to receive anything. The empty vase capable to receive, but to get full as well. The vase with holes; and the seed, capable to get nurtured and grow, and at the right time bring flowers, fruits and seeds. Which kind of student do you want to be?" - Lord Odin Theta Prime



1. LIST OF TRAINERS (Number of authorized trainers 2016 = one) (See: Right of Use, & Copyright)


- Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, Rank 9+, Golden belt, Prime Master level, Main Trainer of Prime Tech Theta and all its applications




2. Candidates to TRAINERS that are still on a training process (Interns), not yet authorized. (See: Right of Use, & Copyright)




3. Private Students that completed a Training program and decided not to apply for the certificate as trainers, belt or rank.

The Following ARE NOT AUTHORIZED TO TEACH, COACH OR PROVIDE ANY of our know how products and services. (See: Right of Use, & Copyright)


- Maximiliam Loesch, Italy ( 2009 - 2010 Elements Management Level 1)

- Jarno Matilla, Finland ( 2015 Prime Do, Level Zero )

- Samuel Arnio, Finland (2016, Prime Do, Level Zero)

- Rudolf Ketis, Austria (2013, Self-Awareness Applied, Level Zero)

- Einer Romero, Peru (2001, Natural Self-Development, Level Zero)

- Gaelle Levu, Austria, (2012, Sensual Body Arts, Level Zero) - Banned (Not authorized to give training)

- Irina B. Zygenhagel, Germany & Russia ( 2014, Prime Love, Level Zero) - Banned (Not authorized to give training)

- Joelle Marie Lehsten, Germany, Netherlands (2016, Prime Love, Level Zero)- Banned (Not authorized to give training)

- Jens Becker, Germany, (2010 -2012 Elements Management, Level Zero)

- Linda Winterlich, Germany (2013 - 2014, Global Citizenship, Travel Operator, Level 1)

- Egor Uslugin, Russia, (2014 Prime Yoga, Level Zero)

- Rudy Laurijsen, The Netherlands (2016, Sun Dance Theta Foundation Level)

* Additional students dont listed here may have completed courses but not yet qualified for being announced at this list or requested as for privacy reasons not not be listed. Corporate customers are not listed here.