The Golden Jedi Order

The Golden Djedi Order (GJO)

The GJO is dedicated to the golden path to divine self-awareness, divine perception, and divine action in prime self union.

The 9 Statments of the Golden Jedi Order

  • Emotion, yet Peace.
  • Ignorance, yet Knowledge.
  • Passion, yet Serenity.
  • Chaos, yet Harmony.
  • Perception, yet Self-awareness
  • Male & Female, yet Prime Self-union.
  • Organic Light Body, yet Self-sourcing.
  • Multidimensional Self-Manifestation, yet Self-oneness.
  • Time, yet Quantum Heart-Based Self-Consciousness.
  • Death, yet the Force.

    Founder: GMJ El Ahmar, Akka Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken


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