e-Learning Program Include following categories:


  • Self-education Methods
  • e-Games
  • Enquire subjects for discussion and forum
  • Technical training, methods, practices
  • Workbooks, e-books
  • Video/audio lessons
  • Applications cases, projects
  • GYM9, 9 minutes daily training program
  • and much more.


By completing a task or assignment you also earn points that can be traded later with gifts certificates for more e-learning or for e-coaching sessions.



Provides a complete service for self education, in two modalities:


  1. Assisted, which includes e-mentoring and e-coaching. Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken will collaborate with your learning process. 50% upto 75% self-education.
  2. Not Assisted, 100% self-education, with our video, audio, workbooks, and e-books materials, assigments, application projects and e-games.


The following e-Learning Programs are now available:


  • Wealth
  • Love & Family
  • Strategic Leadership
  • Peace Work
  • Self-Knowledge
  • Spiritual Journey



Personalized e-Learning Program:


We offer also a personalized learning program, after an e-Assessment session where goals and milestones will be designed, for the fields of development you are interested in, unique e-learning modules, workbooks and tasks will be created for your personalized e-learning program.




Along a first skype session of 45 min you will identify your needs, goals and potential development stages. Luis will also advice you on the ideal methods, trainings or services for your case. (More about e-Assessment)