Practice Circle

Membership Fees




ABO CARD 9 Sessions ( within 3 months )


  • 125.00 EUR ABOCARD-9 Self-Knowledge
  • 350.00 EUR ABOCARD-9 Personal Development
  • 710.00 EUR ABOCARD-9 Business




  • e-Learning ( Self-study Materials ), as well as assisted e-learning with skype sessions is also available under request fro the three fields of practice: business, personal development and self knowledge.


Practice Circle Location:


  • The Netherlands: Utrecht Region, De Bilt.



Schedule, Venue


  • For schedule and venue, you need to be a registered member, or holder of an ABO Card.
  • Please contact us for a private interview.


First Interview, Assessment


  • The first interview and assessment is condition for every new member to join. Contact us


Practice Circle Sessions


1 or more times a week members of the 3 practice circles may gather for 90 min up to 180 min.