Spiritual Journey


  • E-Learning (Self-education)
  • e-Coaching
  • Individual Trainings on skype
  • Weekend Trainings in Nature
  • Day Trainings.


Spiritual Journey


  • How to start your own spiritual journey?
  • Which information, experiences and knowledge would be useful for your spiritual journey?
  • If you are on a spiritual journey already, which stages of development you may like to consider as relevant for yourself?
  • Which are your aims, values and beliefs? Do you have a codex?
  • Is your spiritual journey asking you to travel, meet new people, engage into a new profession, business or love relationship?
  • How to keep a balanced life along the changes/shifts triggered by your spiritual journey?



Along a first skype session of 45 min you will identify your needs, goals and potential development stages. Luis will also advice you on the ideal methods, trainings or services for your case. (More about e-Assessment)


Even when one does not belief in a core creator, or source, one may experience something unique within own self. The search for this unique quality, feeling, experience of own self, may turn into a journey dedicated to self discovery, which may involve several kinds of experiences, that could be perceived or considered as spiritual. Out of those experiences, and dedicated spiritual development, new skills may be developed, a new stage of consciousness, awareness, perception, heart opening, love.

In order to be in a spiritual journey one must see own life and own self with the intention, the eyes, of self-knowledge; and as a scientist, take for real first those experiences that one had for his own or with own self. Secondary are beliefs, perceptions, informations, rules, books or practices others consider important.

One must be honest with own self, learn from within, by living own heart and knowing own self through the experiences and adventures that life and our spiritual journey bring to us.