• How to develop a positive relationship with your own wealth?
  • What is your own wealth?
  • Consider as your wealth your: skills, emotional intelligence, awareness, consciousness, self-knowledge, love, property, money, values, beliefs. If you combine all your wealth, and make it work for yourself, how much hapinness and joy you may experience?
  • Self-love, self-care, self-worth are key for the ability of developing and nurturing own wealth.



Along a first skype session of 45 min you will identify your needs, goals and potential development stages. Luis will also advice you on the ideal methods, trainings or services for your case. (More about e-Assessment)


Gold, give us the idea of wealth, but as well of how in history human kind have been striving for wealth. Most of people in our modern world does not want to destroy their lifes in the search for wealth. Modern culture developed guilty in wealth or desensitize own self for the purpose of developing own wealth.

But what if i tell you that the most valuable thing in your life, is your self. Unless you have a positive relationship with your own capabilities, unless you discover in your weakness strength and in your strength your truth; how would you pretend to reach any hapiness? without hapiness wealth has no value.

In order to reach hapinness you need to know what hapinness is for yourself. If wealth is an issue for yourself, and you would like to experience how much hapinness wealth may give to you, but in a healthy, sensitive, harmoniouse and balanced life then, maybe, is the right time for you to discover more about your relationship with your own wealth.