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Democracy, Peace, Human Rights

in the European/Eurasian Union

& Futurist Primordial Humanism

Risk Management


This article is part of an answer to a question made on the topic : "Democracy and the European/Eurasian Union", at the Research Gate Network (RG). Reference: Human Rights Applied in Daily life. Peace work, Non Violence, Ethics and Human Rights Projects of the LDMF Foundation. Article By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken




Does "democratic" imply the observation of human rights? I consider that the development of a global culture and civilization current stage is not that advanced regarding: Status of level of education of global citizens (Capacity of response, for example: human rights applied in daily life) and the instrument global citizens can utilize for defending those rights, and the consistency governments and institutions of the government can provide to the citizens regarding the following:


- We live in an intentional democratic era, for which every one must care for human rights and protect them, governments and individuals; yet we lack still from the ability to implement them in daily life or protect individuals legally when their rights have been abused.


Wouldnt that statement be more honest, realistic, than the strange situation our modern world culture has at the moment. For how many years the modern world culture has been utilized human rights and how far is it in the implementation of the necessary instruments for their application?


The question will be answered as soon as individuals, public and private organizations, families, networks and communities, decide to take in consideration that the universal declaration of human rights, is capable of creation of a world in peace, with ethical values and through non violent practices.


There are necessary many steps to be taken into the direction of global peace of the development of an advanced culture and civilization, one of the most important ones, strategically, should be the multi-dimensional implementation at 9 levels of impact of the human rights.


The application of Primordial Archetypes, the 9 Stages of development and the 9 Fields of application, complex human self-organization, for the purpose of Risk Management. Through the 9 Families, Primordial Archetypes, Risk Management can be gamified.


Can we then through gamification, develop an assessment process that focus on the risk taken by not completing the full implementation of the human rights, natural rights.


My vision of future, of a future in peace, is that one in which human rights are observed, there for risk taken, strategies applied, know how utilized, care for humanity, for the human species, for its global culture and civilization and every necessary step for its development.