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The workbook offers you insight,selfdiscovery process and advice for the experience of waterness practices underwater. The waterness meditation workshops have been created by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, inspired by his encounter with dolphines, and their teachings about human joy, life, nature, communication, collaboration and collective awareness he received from them.

Inspired by his inmediate close and long distance, empathic-telepathic and spiritual experience with dolphines, by experiencing the multidimensions and language, wisdom and knowledge of water, along many years, since 1999, L.D.Maldonado Fonken have been facilitating Aqua workshops, enhancing individual and collective awareness, as well as facilitating a reconnecting, bridging experience for his students, in relation to the water nature of human beings and the symboles and archetypes of water.

A complete self study set of additional themes workbooks tandem video practices and videos is available under request.

This exercise facilitates the integration of the technology applied in the five sets of videos, in a practical way. The application of these abilities should be experienced in a natural way, without effort, as this is the sign of accomplishment of a new state of awareness and perception.

This booklet is dedicated to the Fourth & Fifth set of videos. The exercise I will describe is dedicated to facilitate the process of integration of the five set of videos. As a learning process, the five set of videos suggest each of them exercises that you can try for a certain period of time, register your experience and become more aware of your self your own conditions and the lifestyle you are leading.

Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken created this new workbook dedicated to: Emotional Self-Management -Emotional Time & Organic Process Management. It is a complementary material for EM Academy Online students, and it provide references EM Publications and videos as well. It is a very practical guide for self learning and self-awakening. "To describe an event after it took place cannot be called perception". The workbook has the function to support students of the elements management academy in their self-learning and collaborative learning process.

This workbook complete the information provided by the videos dedicated to this training available at our online networks.

Emotions are the key for the shift of consciousness we are looking for

How to manage time and emotions for your personal spiritual awakening process?

Emotional human factor, is the bottom and top line of the performance of an organization, community, collaboration, creative or loving relationship process.

The Elements Management Analysis is one of the Key Tools developed by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken (self awareness applied SAAP)


The Analysis uses Symbolic language, nature principles, human heart based and consciousness based self-awareness and decision making, as well as organic sustainable development and resilience principles.


Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken have been developing these tools since 1994.


The EM Analysis, EM900 mode, can be done with 900 Elements. In this case will be described only the first Mandala of 9 Elements. There are webinars available online which describe how to do the analysis for 3 Elements.


Before you apply any SAAP Tool, the following questions need to be answered.


The questions have been organized according to each of the 9 elements, presented here. The answers will be used later as reference for discussion and analysis with the EM Analyst
















Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, founder of Prime Do, as yoga and meditation teacher will integrate these practices into the practice of bow, sword and body contact katas. Author "The Art of war", 400 pgs. and "The art of peace" which include references to several practices of Prime do, and the point of view of Prime Do regarding martial arts practices, dance, love, government, culture and sustainable living. Since 2007 integrated also the practice of Prime Do applied for emotional self-management as a non violence practice in his Consultancy service. Since 2013 facilitate Prime Do practices for non violence, to be integrated in daily life and business, family and education, culture and government, facilitated through "The Art of Peace Project". Prime Do is the practice of all the arts, in daily life, for peace, love, family, culture. Its advanced stage of practice means the practice of prime love, divine perception and divine action, in daily life, family and business

The dance of the elements is the result of the advanced research on emotional communication for elements management developed by L.D. Maldonado Fonken since 1992. As the next step for E.M. students that did already achieved skillfull and practical understanding of the E.M. diary of Sound, E.M. Relationship Vowls and Mudras, E.M. Multidimensional Mandala of The Elements, E.M. Blue Star Method, E.M. 30.30.30

Model; and that as well completed at least 54 study units and complete at least the first cycle of the E.M. Self Coaching Mandala and E.M. Learning Cycle

The Sun, The Moon & The Heart, The art of primordial cocreation, on male- and female cycles of cocreation, communication and collaboration.

Applications for love relationship, family, community, gender studies, business and personal development.

With references to the I Ching Theta

A multidimensional strategy board game, designed to enhance your perception, awareness, emotional self-management and art of doing business

Honesty, transparency, trust, self-confidence, self-love, soul connection, feeling, empathy, listening, being in the moment, co-creating, playing, having fun, all you need for enjoying to make love, feeling free and open, a loving heart based presence, is meant to be played, discovered, awakened along the dance.Dance improv is the most real authentic and safe space for learning on sacred love, and discovering that all you need is love for solving and creating anything you wish in your inner and outer world.The 9 Dances of love is a stage by stage process that brings you from the very foundation of self expression up to a mystic experience of love.Along the exploration, participants will go step by step into a deeper process of communication, self expression and co-creation while exploring on a variety of for love play games through dance improv.

Leading the dance of love.Draft Edition. This book is about real people and real lifes.Along sommer 2012,in Kärten, Austria,along the world bodypainting festival,I will meet a very interesting and exotic woman. We developed a very unique friendship and sommer-love relationship, also in a state of freedom, we created in our intentions many plans that will never come to a tangible unfolding.

Along the time we spend together, we always came back to her interest into social dance; a space I left to dont join again many years ago but that actually many women and goddesses I met still enjoy to try out. I have been always wondering in terms of self-responsibility regarding ascension about the effects and process of the social dance in the state of self-awareness, in the energy and in the experience of love.

The following book shares letter is wrote for her along the sommer 2012, wishing to call in her awareness certain interest in the other side of social dance in relation to self-responsibility towards ascension

„A sunset, a sunrise, are healing, as well the celebration of life, the sound and sand of the stars, and the nourishing substance of the sacred breathing and the cyclic time are healing too“

„ The arrow cross the space with a silent sound, by landing on earth it completes its purpose“

„ The dance of the lovers starts by greeting and honoring the sacred field of the dance, the melody that move us to dance, the joyfull emotions that make our hearts and bodies shine, the dancer that with us cocreates the sacred performance of life, and the river of time in which we navigate kindly, softly and sweetly. Oh! That bliss again!“

~ L.D. Maldonado Fonken

When i think about humanity on earth, its history, I cannot avoid to perceive that its development did skip one important field, where matturity have been always necessary.


While it is a field that very few trusted themselves to enter in, as the great forces that within that field play, could make out of a dragon a lizzard, out of a lion a kitty, out of a dolphin a little fish, out of hawk and little bird, out of a god wolf a little dog.


A series of 9+publications and BONUS Publications have been added to the 9 Genders booklet, creating a 9G:Collection

The practice of prime language is the practice of a quantum, multidimensional, holographic, fractal, nano, symbolic language; a divine language.

A divine language with the human kind realm would be that one of the organic sounding light. A highly advanced technology which its communication follows organic sounding light encoded language. While this particular language would be integrated by the human heart based consciousness, it would become, at the instant of its expression, a language dedicated to manifestation. While it could reach the divine stage of development, along the practice of its self expression, it is the ability of traveling among the divine verse of level of consciousness, that would make the practitioner capable o using it and communicating it. The use of prime language emotions, feelings, intentions, thoughts, colour, shape and light forms, geometry, mandalas, units of communication created out of the mandalas (so called letters) and the words or sentences communicated with them

Bridge for ascension.

In the world of humans, romantic love is the reason why humans decide to perceive and belief that they should spend several years together and even have children. In the divine worlds, children, conception, is a matter of spiritual love.

Spiritual love is all about ascension, completion, prime self union, of the whole quantumverse and divine Verse consciously. In that sense, divine brothers and sisters might decide to have children., their off spring would bring a new divine house, self responsible, as for in prime self union, to the realm of the gods and goddesses in prime self union, Why should we have children? as for the birth of divine consciouss beings on earth the Healing process of the royal and divine houses. Many of the ones in ascension beings are also confussed when feeling this deep love for the "students" while there are no students to be thought actually.

the primordial sounding archetypes theta is a book dedicated to the journey of the primordial hero and to the music that can be played in our hearts, daily.

the archetypes that are associated to the primordial sounds of the spheres, would be utilized in our modern times and is a key for the application of prime tech theta. it is necessary the knowledge of elements, of the 9 primordial suns, to be applied for the golden age.


when the frequencies that can be played, in any music instrument, including the body, and a choreography of a dance within the mandala of the nordic star theta and through the primordial art of cocreation, which represents the same journey of the 3 suns, to be described also in this book, are played together, with presence, self-awareness, self-love, gratefulness, joy, a transformational process within own heart will take place. Which means, the primordial sounding archetypes, their elements, genders, powers, journey, will be a journey of heaving sounds.

the water mandala of 27 elements, have been thought in the series of teachings: the elements management, the states of mater and emotional self-management.


the relationship between time, emotions, process management, emotional self-management and management will not be described in this book.


the purpose of this book is to present the generation of the primordial archetypes of water only.


the emotional self-management water-abilities are introduced in the book: the sun, the moon and the heart, the journey of the 3 suns, on the male-female-theta cycle of co-creation.


a new adjustment of the primordial sounding archetypes will be made, thanks to the participation of the primordial water innerversum.


with this new adjustment, the shadow triads get defined in a more precise manner in their spin, in particular the fire triad.

The Journey of the 3 Suns

Music Composition, I Ching Theta Realms 4, 5 & 6

The Journey of the primordial hero in sound

With the Primordial Sounding Archetypes