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of Prime Breathing Therapy Theta

Chapter Zero to Five (22 pages)

DISCLAIMER: This book have been written based on empirical study, practice, research and application of alternative preventive methods. The book content nor the advice of the author replace a health practitioner, doctor or therapists. In case of illness, please ask your doctor for advice. This book and its practices are not recommended for readers with mental, nervous system or heart illness. The author is not liable for any result of the application of methods or advice presented in this book. The reader takes total responsibility of the results of the application. Application of methods and practices must be assisted by an expert practitioner, the author, or authorized trainers by the author. The purpose of this book is to support readers in the use of preventive health practices as well as for leisure and self-knowledge, through application of alternative preventive and vitalizing methods.The language used in this book is of symbolic nature, primordial language, which means more than one meaning will be found in the text, according to readers perception and state of consciousness.

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