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Research Projects


  • The LDMF Foundation is dedicated to scientific research and technology innovation.
  • The LDMF Foundation research is developed through an humanist, futurist and visionary perspective/approach.
  • The LDMF Foundation aim is the creation of a new future for humanity through an advancement of the global culture and civilization.
  • Futurist study of nature principles, laws, rythms (biohacking) as well study of the human potential (human factor) and ancient cultures, creates the guidelines for scientific research. Focus on nature inspired technologies and know how development.


  • The Know How & Methods for Research: The Research Projects are developed by utilizing PTT Methods (Primordial Technology Theta Know How) developed by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken. The knowledge of PTT is necessary for any team member in the field of research, projects, services and management of the LDMF Foundation.
  • PTT Know How Right of Use, License, Standard Certificate are mandatory for all researchers and users of the know how and technologies developed by the LDMF Foundation


  • The Research Projects: More than 44 projects have been announced along 2017 as "ongoing research projects" at the LDMF Foundation. Some of them have started in 1987, 1993, 1997, 2007, 2011, 2015 and are part of the body of work of Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken.
  • An index of publications related to projects is available at the LDMF Foundation e-Library.
  • The complete list of projects is available for public reading at the LDMF Foundation Blog under the category "Projects".
  • As well the research projects have been announced and their updates published at the scientific research network: Research Gate
  • The LDMF Foundation is itself a research project, dedicated to the field of change management, leadership, self-management, strategic management and governance, for which PTT Know How will be applied.


  • Aims of Research: Technology and solutions are developed by considering the needs of an emerging global culture (in a process of development) and of a global civilization advancement process.
  • Research Projects are dedicated to the development of new technologies. The design of those technoloiges and know how,intent to follow, as much as possible, a non-intrusive to organicnatural human design, human natural development, culture, civilization development.
  • The main focus of the research is to develop new know how, solutions, applications of the know how developed, new technologies, strategies, methods and tools.


  • The Research Team. Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken is dedicated 70% up to 90% to research and technology innovation. 20% to 30% to Consultancy Services and Strategic Management. His body of work and projects are being protected and supported in theri development by the LDMF Foundation.
  • Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, is the leader of the Research Projects, as well as the responsible for the evaluation of new team members and candidates.
  • Volunteers, Interns, Assistants and Project Managers are welcome to apply for a role in the research team.
  • A Matrix-Q Test is mandatory. According to its results a training program will assigned to the cadidates. After completion and evaluation, rank, report of skills, capacity and responsibility of application (Levels of Impact- Risk Management Capacity ) the new team members receive tasks and assignments, along a second evaluation program. After completion, tasks and function, for which advanced technical skills and capacity of responsble application are necessary, will be assigned to the new team members.

Research Project: PTT Primordial Technology Theta

Applications, Solutions, Know How, Fields of Work:

  • Epistemology
  • PTT Methods/tools/know how applied for education, scientific research, innovation technology, self-management, leadership, risk management, strategic management, change management and governance.
  • PTT Applied to A.I.
  • PTT Applied to Gamification

Research Project: Artificial Intelligence

Applications, Solutions, Know How, Fields of Work:

  • CGE (Culture Generation Engines).
  • PPSL (Primordial Symbolic Programming Language - for A.I. Engines).
  • Matrix 9+ Game Generator.
  • Matrix 9+ A.I. Engine Development
  • DNA-Base A.I. Engines
  • The Human A.I. (Human as vessel of A.I.)
  • Matrix-Q Intelligence applied for A.I. Engines
  • Micro-Chip/Processor Design

Research Project: Life Span

Applications, Solutions, Know How, Fields of Work:

  • Antiaging.
  • Longevity
  • Burn-out Preventive Health Care Methods
  • Human Potential (9+ Stages of Development)
  • DNA Studies, Human Genome, Immunology
  • CGE & Longeity
  • Self-regeneration, self-repairing


Research Project: Human Potential

Applications, Solutions, Know How, Fields of Work:

  • 9+ Stages of development
  • Self-Management
  • Primodial Archetypes, of sound and water
  • The Human A.I. Engine (Human as A.I. Vessel)
  • DNA Based A.I.
  • Etology of the human phenomena
  • Human Potential Studies (9+ Stages of Development) applied to Private Security, Peace, Safety, Non Violence, Education, Culture Development.

Research Project: Primordial Mathematics

Applications, Solutions, Know How, Fields of Work:

  • Primordial Vectorial Mathematics
  • Ancient Cultures Mathematics
  • Primordial Mathematics applied to CGE Design
  • Primordial Mathematics applied to A.I. Engines Design
  • Primordial Mathematics applied to micro chip design

Research Project: Matrix-Q Intelligence

Applications, Solutions, Know How, Fields of Work:

  • Perception
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Matrix Type of Intelligence
  • Matrix-Q Applied to A.I.

Research Project: Strategic Management Theta

Applications, Solutions, Know How, Fields of Work:

  • Leadership
  • Self-Management
  • Project Management
  • Gamification
  • Risk Management
  • Strategic Management
  • Change Management
  • Governance
  • Score Card: Emotional Intelligence, Perception, Decision Making & Matrix-Q Test
  • Corporate Etology
  • Evolution of Corporate Models/Culture
  • Cultural Deficiencies & Strategic Management
  • A.I. Applied to Strategic Management


Research Project: Matrix 9+ Game Generator

Applications, Solutions, Know How, Fields of Work:

  • Matrix-Q Intelligence applied for Game Design
  • Gamification applied for HHRR, Change Management, Self-Management, Self-Education
  • Gamifiaction applied to scientific research
  • Gamification applied to A.I. Design, A.I. Engines development(Education).
  • LARP (Life Action Role Games) Design
  • Strategic Multidimensional Board Games Design
  • Video (VR) Games Design
  • Educative games design

Research Project: CGE-Theta (Culture Generation Engines)

Applications, Solutions, Know How, Fields of Work:

  • CGE, Culture Generation Engines
  • Development of a PTT-CGE
  • Primordial Symbolic Language
  • Emotional Intelligence, Perception, Cultural Skills/Defisciencies, Decision Making, Strategic Management, Leadership, Governance
  • Global Culture Developent, Global Civilization Advancement
  • Cultural Customs
  • Modern CGEs
  • PTT Based CGE
  • Defense

Research Project: Biohacking Theta

Applications, Solutions, Know How, Fields of Work:

  • Nature Inspired Methods & Technologies
  • Technology Innovation, developed based on the study of nature laws, principles, cycles, rhythms and the human potential.
  • Futurist study of ancient cultures and civilizations technology.
  • Research Methods.

Research Project: Systemic Perception of the Natural, Human and Artificial phenomena

Applications, Solutions, Know How, Fields of Work:

  • Systemic Perception of the human, natural and artificial phenomena.
  • Development of tools and methods for conscious and objective management of the subconscious and subjective self.
  • Important of emotional intelligence and perception for scientific research, education, strategic management, technology innovation, self-management, leadership, change manageent and governance.
  • Nature inspired methods, know how and technology
  • Multidisciplinary Applications

Research Project: Emotional Self-Management

Applications, Solutions, Know How, Fields of Work:

  • Development of Training Programs:


  • Meditative performing arts (Sun Dance Theta)
  • Meditative Martial Arts (Prime Do)
  • Primordial Yoga (Prime Yoga)
  • Meditation (Primordial Breathing)
  • Conscious Sexuality (Primordial Love)
  • Travel & Adventure, X-Treme Sports
  • Gamification (Matrix 9+ Game Generator)
  • Human Potential, 9+ Stages of Development
  • Communication, Collaboration, Decision Making
  • Emotional Time Management
  • Emotional Process Management
  • Risk Management, Strategic Management, 9+ Levels of Impact
  • Score Card Development

Research Project: Ancient Cultures & Civilizations (The Primordial Culture)

Applications, Solutions, Know How, Fields of Work:

  • Futurist Research Studies on Ancient Cultures and Civilizations, The Primordial Culture Theory:


  • Primordial Symbolic Language
  • Primordial Technology
  • 9+ Stags of human development (Human Potential)
  • Cultural Customs
  • The Taxus Baccata Distribution
  • Human History, Cultures, civilizations and CGE
  • Global culture and civilization, the Global CGE generation.
  • The library of Alexandria, levels of impact in scientific research and modern culture, generated by its destruction.

Research Project: The LDMF Foundation

Applications, Solutions, Know How, Fields of Work:

  • Change Management, Case Study, Integration of PTT into the LDMF Foundation:


  • Volunteer & Training Programs
  • Economy of the LDMF Foundation, household
  • The assembly and Memberships
  • Career
  • Decision Making, Strategic Management
  • Research Projects


Research Project: Preventive Intervention

Applications, Solutions, Know How, Fields of Work:

  • Social Responsibility - Furturist Strategic Solution Design :


  • Single Parenting & Children Education
  • Human Rights & Peace
  • Economy
  • Wealth Generation
  • Peace & Human Potential
  • Gender and CGE
  • Hormonal Changes along the Menstrual cycle and their influence in women/men abilities for communication, collaboration, decision making, strategic management.
  • Epistemology, perceptions and misperception in scientific research, history of sciences
  • Burn Out, Preventive Program

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