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Please take note that the charts, designs and terminologies used are Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken's original literary expression and are copy protected. Reproduction of terminologies, layouts and designs in any form without the express written consent from Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken is prohibited.


SERVICE: Matrix 9+ Games

PRODUCTS: Matrix 9+ Game Generator Games, Matrix 9+ Strategic Board Games

CUSTOMERS: Private & Public Sector, Corporate, Not-Profit

LOCATION: Online, Blended: Customers may Play at own location or at the Location The Netherlands, monitored through an online Platform


  • LARP Life Action Role Play Games
  • Multidimensional Strategy Board Game


  • The games have been designed by integrating self-education programs into the games.
  • Learn by playing, by doing, by creating, by engaging into adventures.
  • Skills for self-management, leadership, strategic management and governance will be enhanced through playing.

SERVICE: Primordial Technology Theta Standard

PRODUCTS: User Certificate, Coach/Trainer Certificate, License, Standard, Guild Membership

CUSTOMERS: Private & Public Sector, Corporate, Not-Profit


  • Primordial Technology Theta know how provides tools for assessment, strategy design, decision making; ideal for self-management, leadership, strategic management and governance.
  • Only registered users with a license are authorized to utilize this know how (Right of Use - Responsible Use, Levels of Impact, Liability). Contact us in order to start an evaluation of your capacity of responsible application of the know how.
  • A Matrix-Q Test (Matrix Q Intelligence Test) is mandatory
  • Multidisciplinary Applications: Research, Innovation Technology, (Self-)Education, Coaching, Gamification, Business

SERVICE: Matrix-Q Test

PRODUCTS: Matrix-Q Intelligence Test

CUSTOMERS: Private & Public Sector, Corporate, Not-Profit


  • In order to evaluate the individual or organizational capacity of solving challenges by approahcing them from more than one perspective simultaneously, the Matrix-Q test will be utilized.


  • The results described in a Matrix-Q Test certificate offer information on rank (level of expertise, top skills) as well as level of impact, identified by the test.


  • The Capacity of upto 9+ Levels of impact will be evaluated:


  • 1. Individual, own life, Self-Management
  • 2. Team of 2 individuals, Couple
  • 3. Team of 3+, Family
  • 4. Organization, Community
  • 5. Location, Culture or Network
  • 6. Along a travel plan, 3+ locations
  • 7. Multilocations, Multiculture, Multidisciplinary
  • 8. Global impact
  • 9. Global Culture Development, Global Civilization Advancement
  • 9+

SERVICE: Corporate

PRODUCTS: The 09 Keys for Business, Primordial Technology Theta Applied

CUSTOMERS: Corporate, Not-Profit


  • Start ups, Business Incubation
  • Business Trainings
  • Business Coaching
  • Business Consultancy
  • Assessment
  • Quantification of the Human Capital Value
  • Self-Management & Emotional Intelligence
  • Gamification
  • Project Management Theta
  • Leadership
  • Futurist Analysis
  • Risk Management
  • Outsourced Internship Program
  • Leisure Training Programs
  • Strategic Business Managament Skills Gamified

For corporate our services Presentation on the 09 Keys for Business (PDFs), please contact us.

SERVICE: Consultancy

PRODUCTS: Consultancy Services, Coaching & Training

CUSTOMERS: Private & Public Sector, Corporate, Not-Profit

FIELDS: Research, Innovation Technology, (Self-)Education, Gamification, Business


  • Multidisciplinary and Holistic Consultancy Services.
  • Strategic Management
  • Futurist Assessment
  • Start Ups
  • Shift from Family Business into Corporate design
  • Change Management
  • Primordial Technology Theta Standard Integration

SERVICE: Experiential Gamified Presentations

PRODUCTS: Presentation 90 min, full day, weekend training

CUSTOMERS: Private, For Profit & Not-Profit

FIELDS: Technology Innovation, Coaching, Education, Research Projects Achievements, new Know How: Methods, Tools.

LOCATION: Online, or at The Netherlands


The experiential gamified presentations provided at location The Netherlands or online, gives to the attendees the opportunity to experience and learn on the benefits of :


  • LDMF Foundation Services and Products
  • New Methods, Tools, Know How
  • Innovation Technology
  • Multidisciplinary Applications of a Research Projects
  • Gamified Experiential Learning
  • Multidisciplinary Archaeology Expeditions
  • Self-Management, Leadership, Strategic Management, Governance.
  • Change Management
  • The PTT Standard & The Matrix-Q Test (Matrix Intelligence)


SERVICE: Business Incubation

PRODUCTS: Assessment, Business Plan, Legal Register, Start Up Strategy Design, Business Development Process Implementation, 2-5 Years Start Up Support. (Upto 9 Years Business Development Monitoring)

CUSTOMERS: Private, For Profit & Not-Profit

FIELDS: Technology Innovation, Coaching, Education.


  • The Business Incubation program provides 100% support, for a business idea to evolve organically and protected step by step.
  • Full integration of Primordial Technology Theta Know How (Multidisciplinary and Holistic strategic business management).
  • Micro-credits, joint venture opportunities.
  • Consultancy, Coaching and Training services are integrated into the Business Incubation service.
  • Gamification of HHRR optional.

SERVICE: Coaching

PRODUCTS: Coaching & Training

CUSTOMERS: Private & Public Sector, Corporate, Not-Profit


  • Burnout - Preventive Health Care Training
  • Stress Management
  • Life Path Coaching
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Self-Management
  • Matrix-Q Test (Matrix Q Intelligence Test)
  • Project Management
  • Start Ups
  • Leadership
  • Strategic Management

SERVICE: Training Programs

PRODUCTS: Coaching School, Internship, Volunteer, Gamified Experiential Trainings, Trainers and Coaches Certificates, Online Presentations

CUSTOMERS: Private & Public Sector, Corporate, Not-Profit

LOCATION: Online, At Location The Netherlands, Outdoors and Indoors


  • Primordial Technology Theta Know How.
  • Coaching methods applied from a futurist perspective.
  • Project Management Theta
  • Assessment & Strategic Management Tools
  • (Self-)Education Methods
  • Family & Love Relationship
  • Self-Management Methods
  • Leadership
  • Strategic Management
  • Governance
  • Peace, Human Rights, Ethics & Economy
  • Epistemology

SERVICE: Multidisciplinary Archaeology Expeditions Travel, Culture, Leisure & Adventure

PRODUCTS: Leisure, Travel, Culture, Adventure, Coaching, Training


LOCATION: Abroad Traveling, At Archaeological & Cultural Sites in Eurasia


Modality 01: (3 up to 9 Days): Leisure, Travel & Adventure


  • Visit to archaeological and cultural sites for 3 upto 9 days.
  • Leisure and culture activities are included in the travel plan.
  • The multidisciplinary archaeology expeditions are combined with presentations and training programs.


Modality 02: (3 up to 9 Days) Multidisciplinary Archaeology Adventure


  • Opportunity for volunteer participation and collaboration with research projects related to the location and expedition will be provided for attendees that would like to stay more days at the location with our research team.

SERVICE: e-Publications

PRODUCTS: e-Library, e-Forum, e-Learning

CUSTOMERS: Private & Public Sector, Corporate, Not-Profit



161+ digital publications by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, plus media, audio materials, build together the e-Library.


  • Primordial Technology Theta
  • Business
  • Research Projects
  • Story Telling
  • Education
  • Performing Arts
  • Self-Management
  • Family, Relationship
  • Ancient Civilizations, Culture, Travel, Expeditions
  • Sustainable Development
  • Futurism
  • The art of war, peace, life, culture development and civilization advancement
  • Games (LARP, Role Play, Board Games)


SERVICE: Beneficiaries Program

PRODUCTS: Assessment, Coaching, Training,

CUSTOMERS: Private, Start Ups, Not-Profit



  • The status of "beneficiary" may be given to an individual, family or organization that have demonstrated along an evaluation process that is eligible for it.
  • Candidates to Beneficiaries Program are welcome to request coaching, training and assessment services only.
  • The services are as well provided for start ups that are eligible to the beneficiary statuThe LDMF Foundation dedicates 5-9 units per week to care for beneficiaries, that have a need of our services, has not enough financial means to pey the fees of them.
  • Beneficiaries have interests, qualifications, activity or projects within the fields of interest and social responsibility (Preventive Intervention Projects) of the LDMF Foundation.

SERVICE: Social Responsibility - Preventive Intervention Programs

PRODUCTS: Assessment, Coaching, Training, Culture, Arts, Awareness Risign, Publications, Network, PR, Communication For Development

CUSTOMERS: Private, Not-Profit, Beneficiaries

LOCATION: Online, At Location The Netherlands


  • The Social responsibility projects are important part of the humanist and visionary approach of the LDMF Foundation, for global culture development and civilizations advancement.
  • The LDMF Foundation design solutions to predicted social, cultural or global issues identified through futurist studies and assessment of the current global trends and behavior of market and economies, science and technology achievements, their impact in local and global cultures and the history of human evolution (human potential), cultures and civilizations.
  • Preventive intervention programs intent to solve a predicted issue through a matrix of services, products or events, that would help beneficiaries manage the impact of the issue or field of work.
  • The programs utilize a variety of strategies, from coaching and training programs, to publications, awareness rising campaigns, network, or communications with local authorities, leaders, networks and organizations; in particular communication for development.
  • The Preventive intervention programs serves as field of research, as well as for training purposes, interns, volunteers and team members complete their qualifications, advance their rank and skills through participation in these programs.
  • Mostly, beneficiaries enjoy from preventive intervention programs, and social responsibility campaigns.


  • Human Rights & Peace
  • Single Parenting, Self-Management, Professional Development & Children Education
  • Human Potential, Stages of Human Development, Self-Management
  • Ethics
  • Global Culture Development
  • Global Civilization Advancement
  • Economy
  • Sustainable Development, Resilience
  • Family Care, Culture Care, Heritage
  • Legacy
  • Science and Technology Innovation, Epistemology, Safety, Levels of Impact
  • Sustainable Wealth Generation

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