Stichting (Foundation) Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

Our mission is to provide with the means that enable the care, protection and development of the legacy projects of Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

THE STICHTING Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken is A NON PROFIT private organization dedicated to multidisciplinary research, development, innovation, education and human-inclusive sustainable development entrepreneurship (social impact). 

Legal Register: The Netherlands  KvK-nr: 66225345  BTW-nr:NL856450923B01

Contact :  Telf.: +31.0626673380 

Our Approach 



We perceive the world we live in and listen to the aspirations of humanity.

Our focus is to explore life, and let nature inspire us with its holistic, systemic and synergetic skills for solution making.


We develop solutions (algorithms) for the advancement of the quality of living, capacity of wealth generation and sustainable global development.

Our focus is the human variable of the "Life, Future & Sustainable Living Equation".


We provide innovative services, products, technology, knowledge, experience and information that will be key for the advancement of  an emerging global culture and civilization.

Our focus is on developing a futurist assessment of the current tendencies of global progress and development, identify risks, design and engage into strategic solutions.


Matrix-Quotient of intelligence is the signature of  the current ability of solving challenges by approaching them from several perspectives (disciplines of knowledge, skills, competences, tools and methorodlogies)  and simultaneously. Matrix-Q is a natural form of human intelligence, found in individuals, collectives and organizations.


Our know how helps you enhance the systemic effectiveness of your duty: team, organization, network & city.

Sciencie and Technology are reaching an advanced development stage. The knowledge available in our modern times, combined with innovative, creative and human-inclusive perceptions, will bring humanity to its next stage of development. It is key for this journey to be aware of the importance on how we do the things we want to do, not only to know what we want to achieve. As how we achieve our goals creates the quality of our future. 

Technology and Knowledge will advance the human global civilization. It is as well necessary to focus on the human factor. The ability of an individual, and of a human collective, to live in harmony with own life, with nature, family and culture is key for the development of a global culture in peace.

Legacy is what we give to our children, starting with the knowledge and skills necessary to predict and solve the challenges we need to face, how to learn to learn, how to feel, utilize their emotions,  how to communicate and collaborate. " - LDMF

About the Divisions of the Stichting LDMF 

Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

Besides its administrative and democratic structure, assembly and Board, the Stichting LDMF has 3 main admisnitrative divisions 

Our mission is to provide with the means that enable multidisciplinary research and innovation developed based on the Matrix-Q Body of Work.

The Matrix-Q Research Institute, as a division, focuses on Research, Development, and Innovation, and provides the knowledge (Matrix-Q Standard, License, Label) for the Matrix-Q Ecosystem to evolve, and a number of associated products and services. The Matrix-Q Research Institute is the provider and controller of Matrix-Q Certificates, Commercial Licenses & Labels 

Our mission is to provide with the means that enable the legacy projects of our founder to be protected and developed, meet and benefit future generations

The Theta Foundation, is the division in charge of acquiring the funding, resources, capital and means, necessary for the implementation of the legacy projects, and divisions of the Stichting LDMF


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  • Crowdfunding
  • Network
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  • Self-Sustainability projects

Our mission is the sustainable development of the legacy projects of our founder.

The Theta Legacy Projects, is the division in charge of organizing, strategic planning and management,  of the legacy projects of our founder.  Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken is a endless fountain of visionary ideas and energy for their implementation. The Theta Legacy Projects is the storehouse for his new and original legacy projects, the incubator and  the umbrella of his serial social entrepreneurial and multidisciplinary research activity.


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  • Sustainable Growth

Join us

We are recruiting

Our mission is to provide with the means that enable the care, protection and development of the legacy projects of Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

The Stichting Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken has Board, with our founder as its Chairman and CEO. 

The organization follows democratic and meritocratic practices. A number of assemblies have been created in order to enable public, private and internal participation in the process of decision making.  Its general by-laws (Matrix-Q Covenant) and balance are available and public.


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  • By Laws
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  • Democratic & meritocratic participation


  • KvK-nr: 66225345
    RSIN: 856450923
    SBI-code: 94996

Meritocratic participation: In order to join the Stichting LDMF and take responsibility roles in any of its divisions or main administrative structure, the candidate needs to have achieved a history of commitments with the organizations, rank, and points in the study and praxis of the body of work of our founder and demonstrated an honorable and trustable care for the aims of the organization.

The system of rank (meritocratic) is clearly described in the Matrix-Q Covenant

Eligible candidates have:

  1. Enrolled as a member of the Matrix-Q Club and agree with the Matrix-Q Covenant
  2. Have completed a study of the body of work of our founder and achieved successful and tangible application of it in roles of responsibility that did enable growth and achievement for the organization.
  3. Black Belt Dan 9, over 729 units of study, and grand master (Matrix-Q Metal Belt) responsibilities over at least 5-9 years
  4. Matrix-Q License Holder, Matrix-Q Specialist as Consultant, Coach, and Trainer.
  5. At least 4 years as CEO and founder of a Matrix-Q Native Startup or Matrix-Q Company (Label Partner)
  6. At least 3-5 years role of CEO of one of the divisions of the Matrix-Q Research Institute
  7. Member of the Assembly for no less than 9 years.
  8. Have demonstrated initiative and creativity for research, development, and innovation by applying the body of knowledge of our founder, and contributing by generating value and wealth.
  9. Had the role of the advisor of representative of the organization, under the board supervision for no less than 3 years.  
  10. Has contributed and collaborated closely with the board for no less than 5 years.