Multidisciplinary Performing Arts & Storytelling

" The practice of multidisciplinary performing arts nurtures human individuals and collectives, empowering leaders with balance, creativity and focus; advancing teams in communication, collaboration and co-creation, inspiring collectives with values, vision and purpose. Storytelling integrated to all forms of artistic selfexpression is our path to motivate our cultures and socities to think, feel and act with us, addressing local, socila or global pressing issues. It is the ancient path of the storyteller, back in our times, to guide us in the journey that is unfolding today for the human species. In our modern times, science, arts, technology, culture and self-knowledge, find a common language in mathematics, geometry, frequency and colour. This is our path, with the Matrix-Q Knowledge and Technology! " - LDMF

The Gold Collection

HandPan & Storytelling Improv

A 360 min journey of inspiration

by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

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