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  • The Card of the Day: suggests meditations, self-reflection, self-knowledge and personal development through a practice circle (Images, quotes)
  • The 9 Gatherings for peace (2015 Helsinki): presentations on peace work, human rights, awareness, responsibility. (Podcast)
  • The Golden Pulse 9: Inspiring music, created by LUIS (The Flute of the Magiscian).
  • Prime Tech Theta Video Presentations (Channel)
  • The Journey of Odin Theta: Story Telling, Symbolic Language
  • e-Books, Story Telling, Futurism, Prime Technology, Spiritual Archeology, Spiritual Journey
  • Body arts, digital art, photography and canvas
  • Biography Project : "The 9 Books of my Life"
  • e-Game: Life Action Role Play: The Game of the Gods & Goddesses in Prime Self Union

The 9 Gatherings for Peace Helsinki 2015

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Video Presentations

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VIDEO Presentations

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The Golden Age Library

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Body Arts, Digital Art & Canvas

by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

e-Books, Introduction by the Author 2014

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Visionary Art - The Nordic Star Theta

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