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This is your opportunity to learn from nature, advance your organization, business, bring harmony to your family, love relationship, and reach the next stage for your personal development and self-knowledge. The trees have something to tell you that will change your life! Listen carefully! Answer your question

The Golden Tree

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What we will share about?


  • We will share on the knowledge the tress have shared with LUIS.




  • Biohacking within the frame of Prime Technology Theta is the study of laws, principles, rhythms and cycles of nature. How nature choose daily strategies that are highly efficient for the sustainability of life ? We study life, harmony, balance, and the behavior and organic development of species (animals) and plants; as well as the molecular and nano structures, that bounds matter and creates its dynamics. Biohacking is the study of nature from its nano, molecular systems to living organism, ecosystems and macro systems, as for cultures and planets.


What can we learn from nature?




Lesson 101


The Tree of Life. How the organic development of the tree can be utilized as for assessment of a development process, setting of milestones, and design of an strategy?


In which fields of life, private and professional, business or government, culture and civilization, technology and science, could be utilized this tool?


Lets folllow the video presentation on the "tree of life" and prepare ourselves for case study and review of several applications of this tool.

Video 1. The Trees

Video 2. The Cycle of Life of the trees applied for business/project management, business start ups, life plans.

Video 3. Presentation (video-presentation play & pause) : The Tree of Life, Prime Tech Theta Tool developed by Biohacking of cycles of the trees.

Questions and Answers


Follow the Golden Tree Path to Biohacked tips, tools and knowledge. Find a chllenge and the golden tree will solve it for you! Find a solution, and the golden tree will give youa seed for your garden! Share with us about your Journey on this page.


Play the Game of the Gods!


The Gods have Chosen you!

Are you worthy of the Blessings of the Gods?


The Golden Deer, God protector of the forest would like to challenge you!


Your mission: "Understand the world of the forest!"


The Question you need to answer to the Golden Deer God: Which is the life cycle of the trees?


In order to show to the gods the result of your quest, visit any Prime Temple along the road of your pilgrimage, at any of our domain or subdomains, markedt with a temple, you will find a web message window, there communicate with the gods, wish for their blessings.


QUOTE: "As soon as you register, at any time, you will be able to see the tasks you have accomplished and the number of points given to you, also the gifts certificates available for trade (points earned) according to your player level."

All you need to know about the Game of the Gods