• Advance your leadership abilities with tools that enhances your personal development while using them.
  • The most efficient and harmonic development processes can be seen in nature. Learn how to integrate nature cycles, laws and principles into your management, strategy and assessment.
  • Learn how simple it is to utilize nature complexity and nature simplicity for assessment of situations, design of process and strategy.
  • Integrate meditation, yoga, martial arts, archetypes, symbolic language into your leadership abilities.
  • Learn how to create responsible organizations and business that develop themselves by respecting nature laws, principles and rhythms.
  • How to bring peace, human rights, ethics, care for family, culture and life through your strategy and leadership.


  • E-Learning (Self-education)
  • e-Coaching
  • Individual Trainings on skype
  • Weekend Trainings in Nature
  • Day Trainings.




Along a first skype session of 45 min you will identify your needs, goals and potential development stages. Luis will also advice you on the ideal methods, trainings or services for your case. (More about e-Assessment)


As an entrepreneur, you may be planning to develop a company, or a social project, build up a new network, or social movement, create a community or bring together your family house, innovate in technology, live in a farm or inspire people through your own spiritual view; anything you may choose to do in the world, may involve you to deal, communicate, collaborate with others.

A certain % of organization, planning, management, and strategy may need to be involved. Some knowledge about the human factor, and culture, civilization you are dealing with will be as well necessary; and a vision of what is possible to do, achieve or develop with them. But in principle, how to lead your self, how to manage yourself along every single stage of development of your project; how to assess situations, evaluate risks, manage resources, manage your own time, make decisions, set rules, create agreements, innovate, achieve success.

Strategic leadership knowledge helps you learn how to manage your own life, your self, how to bring together your own emotions, body, mind, spirit, soul, heart into one-concentration-focus and one-integrated-coordinated-action. How to be one with yourself, your own qualities and forces while developing the project you prefer.

Strategic Leadership, shows you how to collaborate and organize your team and community, support an advanced performance, personal development, and success oriented. Strategic Leadership shows youl how to collaborate with nature forces, laws, principles, rhythms. How to empower and upgrade a culture, and how to develop a new advanced civilization. Starting with yourself, your family, team, community, organization, nation, culture, government