Love & Family

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Along a first skype session of 45 min you will identify your needs, goals and potential development stages. Luis will also advice you on the ideal methods, trainings or services for your case. (More about e-Assessment)



  • E-Learning (Self-education)
  • e-Coaching
  • Individual Trainings on skype
  • Weekend Trainings in Nature
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Love & Family


  • How to empower your love relationship?
  • How to find your twin flame or soul mate?
  • Experience a fulfilling sexual life.
  • Develop yourself in your male and female inner qualities.
  • Develop the ability of cocreation, manifestation, through collaboration with your love partner.
  • Learn how to collaborate with each other personal and spiritual development?
  • The spirtual path of family and love relationship.

A love relationship may change your life completely. The fulfilling idea of legacy, family, children, is natural in human kind. But as well it is natural the primal impulse of finding a love partner to enjoy life together with.

What do you need to know about yourself, about being a man or woman, in order to feel solid enoughin order to decide to engage into a love relationship, family, children, legacy ?

How a love relationship, family, can become a path itself, for self discovery, for personal development ?

How to empower your love relationship, your inner male and female qualities, and bring them both into harmoniouse loving and self loving balance, within a play of cocreation that will bring hapinness, joy and stability to your own life?