Matrix 9+

The Matrix 9+


  • It is a board game which helps you train your ability of strategic thinking, decision making, awareness and perception.
  • The Matrix 9+ Board game can help you develop new skills, enhance paralel process management, advance your ability of complex management.
  • The Matrix 9+ can be also combined with the Nordic Star, as a game for enhancing consciousness and awareness, based on nature principles and laws.
  • Performing arts, would also be integrated to the game and as well as complementary board games and story telling.
  • It is a wonderful game that integrates many aspects of life and abilities as necessary for it to be played.


DIY Workshop - Practice Circle


  • Meet your friends, and create a Matrix 9+ Practice circle.
  • Join a skype or at your location workshop, to learn how to play the Matrix 9+ multidimensional strategy board game and how to build your own board game.
  • You can start with to attendees, sharing board game DIY building expenses.
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THE MATRIX 9+ is a multidimensional strategy board game. It can be played with 1 up to 9+ players; from 2 up to 81 dimensions. As a Matrix itself, provideS a high number of possible outcomes. Its practice may help learn on principles, cycles, rhythms and laws of nature. IT offers 9+ stages of development of skills (RANK) and 81 Score lines where key skills on self-knowledge and personal development can be achieved, in particular helps enhance consciousness, awareness, Perception, emotional self-management, strategic thinking, decision making skills.