The Founder

My personal mission is to create a bridge for humanity, to connect its origin and its destiny.

Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken 

CEO & Chairman of the Stichting LDMF, Leader of the Matrix-Q Ecosystem, 900+ e-Publications, 900+ hours audio and video archive. Author, Artist, Visionary, Futurist,  Multidisciplinary Researcher, Innovator, Serial Entrepreneur, Mentor, Consultant, Coach,  Educator, Global Citizen, Traveler, Explorer, Martial Astist.

The Matrix-Q Method is the Bridge

  • A bridge between ancient and modern cultures in history that would address global pressing issues of our time and our future
  • A bridge between 9 generations living daily life in our current times, which will enable collaboration and circular transfer of knowledge and experience.
  • A bridge between disciplines and fields of knowledge, to enable the level of innovation and creativity necessary to solve complex challenges.
  • A bridge between genders, to enable collaboration, co-creativity, family and community.
  • A bridge within individuals, brining together, thinking, feeling, action and the power of creation and execution and adaptation (mindset).
  • A bridge between daily life and human awareness, human consciousness, which enables learning from nature as it is, from its laws, principles, rhythms and cycles.
  • A bridge that enables the creation of a positive systemic impact, in nature, societies and economies.

About Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken


  • Since 1993 our founder has been dedicated to multidisciplinary research and innovation.
  • As consultant, coach and trainer had the possibility to contribute with sustainable development.
  • As author, artist and visionary, to participate in the development of a global peaceful culture.
  • As innovator and futurist, to join efforts for the development of an advanced global civilization.
  • As a speaker, leader and mentor, had the opportunity to inspire, and encourage personal and organizational transformation, to create a positive impact in nature, societies and economies.
  • As entrepreneur and investor, to provide the means that enable research, development, innovation for human inclusive sustainable development and peace.


  • Human Potential - DNA Studies - Neuroscience - Learning
  • Life Span - Antiaging - Immunology
  • Artificial Intelligence - Quantum Computing - Technology 4.0
  • Mathematics - Algorithms
  • Human Intelligence, Human Behavior
  • Systemic Strategic Management, Leadership
  • Social Impact - Impact Investment - Economy
  • Sustainable Development - Circular Economy - Climate Change - SDG2030 17 Sustainable Development Goals by United Nations
  • Performing Arts, Story Telling & Culture Development
  • Ancient Cultures and Civilizations Nature Inspired Knowledge & Technology


  • Chairman, Founder, Stichting LDMF
  • R&D Lead Matrix-Q Research Institute
  • CEO, R&D Lead, Social-Impact Lead Matrix-Q Solutions, Innovation-Hub Projects
  • Matrix-Q Akademia Education Programs Lead, Mentor, Coach

JOURNEY, Years abroad traveling

  • Born in Peru 1972, from multicultural family tree origins (China, Spain, Italy, Nordic & Slavic ancestors) he felt pulled by the need to find own place and culture, as a global citizen, and to discover, learn and value the culture and achievement, legacy of his ancestors. Travel back to Europe 1975, 1997, 2003, and got stablished in the Netherlands in 2016.
  • Since 1996 he lived abroad and abroad traveling in Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Switzerland, Germany, Israel, Russia, Finland, Belgium, Italy, Austria, Tirol and The Netherlands. 
  • As a traveler, had the opportunity to contribute locally with the experience and approach of a global citizen, and to include cultural knowledge, perceptions and skills from locations he visited.
  • Lived abroad and abroad traveling, while engaging in Multidisciplinary archeology expeditions, visiting sites of ancient cultures and civilizations (Ancient Eurasia) learning about their nature inspired knowledge and technology.  
  • He also developed pilot and trial projects, testing new knowledge through empiric studies, market validation and field research.
  • He learned on the field, by meeting local people and listening to local stories, participating in their adventures, needs, enquire, projects, challenges, vision and development. 

AN IDEA WORTH SPREADING (Research work by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken)

  • Nature inspired ancient cultures and civilizations, used proto-computing tools, very simple geometrical structures that helped users do complex thinking, by organizing thought, and processing.
  • The tools were based on the math of proportions, and nature principles, and local culture interpretation on how those principles created the universe/world we live in, culture, people, knowledge, life.
  • By the study of these ancient tools, I have arrived to the diisovery of a new mathematical system (nonary) and created a new methodology for algorithms design, a new encoded simple language (numbers, geometry and frequencies), that can helps us create a new form of data, computer processing, (quantum computing), and also learn about nature systems and human potential.
  • I have run studies (since 1993) and applied this knowledge, and research on its applications in field like: artificial intelligence, education, sustainability, circular economy, communication, time management, work-life balance, life-span, strategic business management, regenerative solutions, new economy models, coaching-training methods, impact-assessment, inclusion, gender diversity, gamification, tokenization and many more.
  • We continuously develop new applications at the Matrix-Q Research Institute and Ecosystem, in the Netherlands.
  • This new knowledge, enables a multidisciplinary regenerative frame work, holistic and inclusive, circular, based in nature systems.
  • It also reminds us, that we can learn so much from the past, create a bridge between our [ast, present and future, in order to design the solutions that our planet needs.
  • One of our discoveries has been an innovative time line of human evolution. In which we describe how emotional intelligence are key for the current stage of human evolution, for us to reach the next milestone as human species.
  • How emotional intelligence can help us enhance human connection, social empathy, awareness of emotions for learning, thinking, communicating, cocreating, collaborating, perception of value, decision making, leadership, data, artificial intelligence, systems thinking, community, impact, policy, time management and much more.



  • Luis did run his first business venture, a family-home arcade (Video games rent services)


  • Luis will develop an increasing interest in social science, arts, health and social impact projects.
  • Lead the first multidisciplinary team work workshop at the Pontific Catholic University, Peru (1993-1997). A private research and hands-on gamified capacity building program, with focus on the development of multidisciplinary collaboration skills, leadership and emotional intelligence. The new acquired skills will be applied in social-impact projects.


  • Worked as self-employed and joined business consultancy team as programmer (ICT, System Design).


  • Completed a diploma, studied science and math for engineering in a humanist university in Peru. The Pontific Catolic University.


  •  Luis will ground a non profit organization dedicated to collaborate with sustainable development and create a bridge between north-south cultures, as well as to enable trials and pilot experiences, application of the results of his research. Among the projects he lead: street children program, communication for development (media, radio program), capacity building programs for educators and entrepreneurs, responsible tourism, consultancy for volunteer programs, local network collaboration strategies.  Luis visited 14 locations (Peru, Bolivia, Eciador, Chile), aiming to support impact-agents, social-responsible companies and NGOs, to develop new strategies and business models, that enable self-sustainability of their sustanable development and social impact projects)


  • Decided to engage into for profit business and dedicate himself to validate his knowledge in Europe, living in Chile, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Finland, Belgium & the Netherlands. 
  • Luis launched successfully entrepreneurial projects in Switzerland (2004-2006), Austria (2006-2012) and in Germany (2010-2012). With focus on validation of the innovations result of his research work. Our founder applied new methodologies in fields of education, strategic management, human potential, performing-arts and emotional intelligence, life-work-balance. Coaching, training, capacity building and consultancy services.
  • 100+ e-publications and 300+ hours video content was produced and some of it published.


  • Our founder had the vision of a non profit organization that would enable future generations to continue with his research, innovation and development of projects. To enable a positive impact in nature, societies and economies, with the application, research and development of the Matrix-Q Body of work, skills, tools, technology and other fields of work and innovation he has been engaging into since 1993.
  • He travels in Europe, between 2011 and 2015, evaluating possible locations for a new HQ, between Germany, Austria, Finland, to finally decide to stay in the Netherlands in 2016.


  • Luis dedicated himself to peacework, focusing as an author and speaker, into the principles for the sustainability and generation of peace. Wrote a series of publications on peace, and human nature, presentations and trainngs, from the a peace-work station in Germany. Die Presse Huette. To later provide trainings, workshops, gatherings and seminars dedicated to peace work in Germany, Austria, Russia, Finland. Inlcuding an inclusive (PwD) training for performing artists in Finland, with focus on production of peace-work performances. Travel to Russia in 2014 aiming to create awareness of the cultural value of ancient archeological sites, heritage, around the black sea. 
  • 50+ e-publications and 100+ hours video content was produced and some of it published.


  • Luis engages intensivelly into multidisciplinary research expeditions at locations he visited, in Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Germany, Russia, Israel, Belgium, Sweden, Slovenia, France, Belgium. Aiming to complete a new stage of his research, exploring on nature inspired knowledge and technology of ancient civilizations and cultures. 
  • He reaches a new completion stage, and upgrade his body of work end 2015. 
  • Focused along 2010 and 2016 into the design and development of innovations that are nature inspired and use proto-computing, proto-thinking-tools, proto-algorithms, pure-math and a diversity of mathematical systems,  or a systems of knowledge that are nature inspired.


  • The Stichting Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken will be grounded in the Netherlands with the intention to protect, care for and develop the legacy projects of our founder. Ensuring the use of hiw body of work, innovation and research will be dedicated to create a positive impact in nature, societies and economies.


  • Our founder takes 2 sabatical years, dedicated to do a new series of e-publications with the new upgrades and outcomes of his research with focus on innovations and contributions to global sustainable development, in particular dedicated to enable the achievement of the 17 Global Sustainable Development Goals SDG2030 suggested by the United Nations. 
  • A total of 300+ e-publications and 900+ hours video (media, audio)  content was produced and some of it published. The e-Library and archive of the Matrix-Q Research Institute becomes a necessary legacy project.
  • Some of the publications will be done at the international scientific research network, Research Gate. Others in a new research magazine hosted by the Matrix-Q Research Institute, division of the Stichting LDMF. 
  • Aiming to build a multidisciplinary research group, our founder connects, network and gathers scientists and innovators from all around the world. Participating in innovation networks in Finland, The Netherlands, Research Gate, Life-Span, ICT, Education and others.
  • Aiming to validate the new upgrade of his body-of work, Luis organized training programs for entrepreneurs and leaders, along Forest-Bathing activities (Shinrin-Yoku) and the practice of Prime-Do, andstudy of the GTE, Golden Triangle of Entrepreneurship) both Matrix-Q Products, for which an innovative methodology for accelerated education, thinking and behavior change will be used.


  • Luis focuses into the organization and pre-incubation of start ups (spin-offs of the Matrix-Q Research Institute)  which provide scalable products (cloud based, automated, A.I. Assisted).
  • The Matrix-Q Research Institute provides services to national and international organizations in the Netherlands. like Solidaridad Network, De Dierenbescherming, and consultancy and innovative companies like Taharo and Germanix in Hong Kong. 


  • The Matrix-Q Ecosystem launches three spin-offs, dedicated to ICT Applications Development, Circular Innovation, and e-Consultancy for Social-Entrepreneurship.
  • The Matrix-Q Ecosystem Project aims to enable a greater social impact which involves the participation of dutch, european and international stake holders, advisors and Matrix-Q Legacy projects.
  • Along a year of explorations, defining an ideal strategic approach, A collaboration with Canada, would enable the creation of the first International Matrix-Q Cluster of Innovators and Impact Agents.


  • The Matrix-Q Akademia will be launched in January, aiming to deliver a work-study program for Matrix-Q Consultants,ICT Developers, Circular Innovators, Coaches & Trainers.
  • Along covid-19 lock down, the Matrix-Q Ecosystem did continue with recruiting, training and network activities. 
  • Covid-19, negative impact in the global economy did force our ecosystem to hold-back and focus back in Europe and The Netherlands HQ. Projects in progress in locations like Hong Kong, Canada, Peru, Switzerland, Germany will be delayed and redefined or closed)
  • Aiming for a more stable and sustainable business model did pivot to become a 100% online ecosystem, and re-define itself as huab for innovation: The Matrix-Q Innovation-Hub
  • The Matrix-Q Ecosystem team increases to 24 team members.
  • Along August 2020, The Matrix-Q Innovation-Hub launches the GTE Golden Triangle of Entrepreneurship Program dedicated to help social innovators and impact agents to create more impact, with the use of the GTE Quantum-Business Tool and Matrix-Q Smart App, Aiming to reach 729.000 leaders, innovators, social-impact entrepreneurs and impact-investors for 2030.
  • The Matrix-Q Innovation-Hub Franchise starts its development program in August 2020, with the activationof its three main programs dedicated to social impact and social entrepreneurship. The Matrix-Q Akademia, The Matrix-Q Alliance (Innovators Think-Tank) and the Matrix-Q Competitions and Challenges, incombination with the  Matrix-Q Research Institute ( Multidisciplinary Innovation & SIC Solidarity and International Cooperation - Research Group with focusin the 17 SDG's Sustainable development Goals)
  • August 2020, our founder is appointed by the World Business Angels Investment Forum, WBAF, as International Partner and representative for the Netherlands. Along Agust and November 2020 after completing a due dilligence process assessing the WBAF decides to discountinue relationships of collaboration with the WBAF.
  • November 2020  12 Matrix-Q Native Start-Ups join the Matrix-Q Ecosystem, all of the based on Matrix-Q Innovation, by the Matrix-Q Research Institute.
  • December 2020 The Matrix-Q Fund launched, aiming to gather the necessary funding and resources for the Matrix-Q Innovation-Hub start-ups to develop their businesses.  By Applying the principles of Matrix-Q Holistic Economy, 9 streams of value, the Matrix-Q Ecosystem prepares itself for 2021-2023. The Matrix-Q Wallet, Matrix-Q Credits and Matrix-Q Tokens are activated as essential components of the Matrix-Q Ecosystem inner economy.
  • December 2020 the Matrix-Q House Pilot project starts its recruiting program. A working and living together project. Matrix-Q Ecosystem real state business starts in 2020


  • January 2021 The Matrix-Q Human Capital division launches the recruiting program for new team members, aiming to build Matrix-Q Teams for the Matrix-Q HQ in the Netherlands and for its international programs.      
  • The Matrix-Q Akademia offers 12+ License Programs
  • The Matrix-Q Guild creates a new future for the the Matrix-Q Ecosystem, enabling matching services between customers, their challenges (complexity) and Matrix-Q License Holders DNA.
  • Matrix-Q Corporate Immunology & Corporate Intelligence services are suggested to corporate customers
  • Matrix-Q Breathe & Matrix-Q Thinking are promoted to support leaders and entrepreneurs adaptive capacity and creativity
  • Matrix-Q Learning Division, welcomes trainers and story tellers, to merge, utilize Matrix-Q Education methodology and applications, and develop a new data-driven e-learning platform, with human metrics, to help user and trainers, measure, predict, enhance and optimize human capacity, performance and outcome delivered. 
  • The Matrix-Q Akademia matches 97% United Nations Standards for holistic education
  • Matrix-Q Ecosystem website launched, including 3 divisions, Akademia, Research & Start-ups incubator/accelerator; 12+ native start-ups, competitions, and 18 human based projects, including the Matrix-Q Community
  • We launched the Matrix-Q House, a real estate and community building project
  • We Launched Matrix-Q Play and the Matrix-Q e-Library
  • We relaunched the Matrix-Q Coaching School, which was active between 2007 and 2012, later abroad traveling between 2014 and 2016. 
  • Spring 2021 Luis hosts and co-hosts conversations at club house.
  • Re-launch the Matrix-Q Consulting services, as for the new collaboration with MVO Nederland, as Partner in the frontrunner and innovators network, being eligible consultant for the IMVO Voucher.
  • Summer 2021 the Matrix-Q Franchise has been relaunched, 27 business lines. The Matrix-Q Akademia has been relaunched, 36 Schools.
  • The Matrix-Q Guild & Akademia launch 12 entry programs, including the Matrix-Q Scholarship for young leaders, impact agent and impact investor programs
  • October 14th Quick-off the Matrix-Q Multidisciplinary Performing Arts School, with a performance about "Climate change" for 80+ artists at the region of Rhenen, The Netherlands. 
  • The interview with Tim den Besten, for a new NPO documentary, Dutch Online TV, on gender fluidity
  • The Maldonado ClubHouse family starts activities with groups organized on LinkedIn and in facebook (2013) and slack. Aiming to a family office and to connect members of the family house Maldonado for social, leisure, positive impact, and mentoring activities.


  • January 2022 the Matrix-Q Ecosystem upgrades its whole platform.  A Matrix-Q Games, a digital platform for capacity building for entrepreneurs, leaders, talents, influencers, innovators and impact investors. We implement gamified and holistic learning combined with holistic coaching and mentorship. Creating learn-play, impact-play and earn-play activities, missions, challenges, projects and tasks for our members.
  • February 2022 starts the transition of the 27 Matrix-Q Native startups into GAMIFIED recruiting programs for aspiring entrepreneurs, with the respective capacity building and commercial licenses. Our recruits will acquire the knowledge, skills, tools and technology necessary to launch a clone of the Matrix-Q Startups.
  • The Matrix-Q Games platform receives now startups (incubation program) and already advanced companies (Label programs)
  • Two more gamified platforms enable 2 more circles of study at the Matrix-Q Ecosystem.  Primordial Games, becomes the entry to multidisciplinary archeology expeditions and knowledge acquired since 1993, in the study of nature-inspired ancient cultures and civilizations. Including a futurist program.
  • Gender fluidity coaching, gender identity scan, and sexuality education games (SEXED GAMES), new platform, to empower youth and leaders, with knowledge and skills of inclusion, diversity, equality, co-creativity, and consent.  (Learn-play, leisure-play, enjoy-play) The sexuality education club, with members aiming to develop a healthy, happy, and satisfactory sexual lifestyle and love relationships.
  • The Prime-Do platform for leadership development programs gets upgraded. The DoJo in Rhenen provides weekly demonstration sessions and invests in a school to settle in the Netherlands, with outdoors learning programs
  • March we start restructuring our ecosystem, to become entrepreneurs and impact investors club, under the Matrix-Q Family Brand: Matrix-Q Multidisciplinary research and innovation, Akademia for the next generation entrepreneurs, leaders, and impact investors; startups incubator/accelerator; impact investment and Matrix-Q Causes. Our gamified platform, let us collaborate, support, and invest in entrepreneurial programs. The Membership benefits will allow entrepreneurs to utilize Matrix-Q Technology, knowledge, tools, skills. Network for business, investment opportunities, leisure, travel, and social activities. Attend masterclasses, and participate in the Matrix-Q Games, taking missions, projects, challenges, and acquiring Matrix-Q Licenses for themselves. The Matrix-Q Causes will be supported/funded by members of the club and startups of the Matrix-Q Ecosystem. Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken offers perks to motivate new members to contribute.
  • Spring-Summer, we launch platforms for the Matrix-Q Ecosystem Projects including Primordial Games, Holistic LIfestyle Club, Matrix-Q e-Library, Sundance Theta Multidisciplinary Performing Arts School, Matrix-Q House Project, & Matrix-Q Technology, and Matrix-Q Travel. We also upgraded the Matrix-Q Climate Action Service day and the Matrix-Q Akademia ThursdaysThe Matrix-Q Fund delivered 100hrs of support for young entrepreneurs including students from Dutch Universities, college students, startups, and Peruvian Entrepreneurs.  The Matrix-Q HandPan & Poetry Telling Albums were recorded in the studio, and the Gold Collection with 9 music Albums has been published. In the city of Rhenen Luis played the  HandPan open air at the Henk Desplein square downtown Rhenen, in collaboration with the Cultuur Platform Rhenen.  We also started a new venture, associated with the Matrix-Q Games: Matrix-Q Jewelry, the Primordial Rings. We also launched the Matrix-Q Avatar hybrid Games. And a series of workshops on sound, dance, and geometry facilitated by Luis in Rhenen. and the Matrix-Q Akademia Seminars. Including the activation of the Matrix-Q Rhenen region Pass, to enable convenient conditions for citizens of Rhenen, both business and households. In 2021 and 2022 we collaborated as well with the city of Rhenen in the process of thinking on the 2030+ vision for the region/city. The Matrix-Q Supports Program, as well as the Matrix-Q Students program were activated, providing convenient conditions for University Students. Luis started the production of "Entrepreneurship & Positive Impact as a Spiritual Journey"